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Quality EQ apps for ipod/iphone/ipad

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UPDATE: 1.3.13

I have obviously not kept up with this thread, however there are now quite a few good apps out there.

A few current favorites among head-fi that i have noticed




audyssey (have not tried, dont support my headphones)

a free dennon app (have not tried)

SonicMax Pro (BBE) (have not tried)
Capriccio (have not tried)

accudio - my current favorite

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Well what's the verdict on the EQ apps?

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well I've been playing a while now and I think it's safe to say there's no going back
This eq is great. Definatelu comparable to rockbox eq

as i said ...paid version is necessary. $3 well spent

I contacted the guy and he wrote right back and helped menunderstand the settings better
.. Said he has a new version in the works and asked for suggestions.

I'm really thrilled to find this... Such a long wait for a good iPod EQ

I cant recommend trying this app enough.. i hope it catches on and some fellow head-fiers start pressing this guy to push the limits of the Ipod eq!

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here's a link to the website  http://www.audioforge.ca/landscape.php?tc=33&mg=153..


looks i missed another app called EQu also.   It looks more truly parametric. may try that one too, though the "equzlizer" seems better devoloped, and implemented by the looks of it


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well i tried the EQu also its very nice in the sense that its parametric, but i think i need a stylus to properly operate it. its too small and sensitive to really hone in on tightly knit eq settings. its also not as far along in its ability to tap into your music collection.. you basically get the option of play all or, shuffle all.. and thats it. overall equ really has potential, and is pretty new, but so far im sticking with "equalizer" neither are perfect, but for 4 bucks, and a dramatically better sound via custom eq.. ill take it! heres to hoping the JH3A doesnt require any eq!!! i hope some others chime in here.

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really.. nobody? I thought people would be all over a custom eq for the ipod Did i arrive to the party too late? did i miss something? does no one own an ipod touch anymore?? :-\

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i use an app called "equalizer"

Its a 7 band parametric (4 band on 2G and 3G)

It makes my 2G touch comparable to my walkman A828.

Seems to be quite stable too.

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yea, thats one of the one's i mentioned.  actually as of the update that came out today for EQu, i am favoring EQu now.  It is true parametric, and though it is slightly tough to move those tiny little curves around on an ipod touch, im finding it to be excellent sounding, less buggy, and now it has better music navigation than it used to.  Frankly either app is a HUGE improvement over the standard ipod EQ.  I hope more people discover these.



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any EQ other than the iPod EQ has to be an improvement. etysmile.gif

Equalizer also has a pregain slider so you can beef up the bass without distortion.

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yea, the EQu has the pregain cut also.. it lets you slide the entire eq setting up and down at once, so that you dont have to readjust everything.. good stuff

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ive been using EQu exclusively for several days now.  its still slightly buggy, but i sent a whole bunch of sugeestions to the developer.  I relally like this app. 


im still baffled at the lack of comments about this seemingly awesome development.

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Nice find, 10 months ago when I had my IE8 I would've been all over this. I'll check out the free EQ app though, just for kicks

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Nice fine, OP!! I JUST saw this thread, and I'm downloading it now! I'm leaving the country on the 1st, and this makes me incredibly happy, as I now have something to play with on the 7 hour plane ride. :)

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Oh, and it looks like EQu is not longer free. It's $2.99 at the app store.


I'm not understanding how "Equalizer" works... I need to go on wifi and download my music onto the ipod??

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EQu was always $2.99 as far as i know.  Maybe i wasnt clear.

So far I like EQu best, and have stopped using the Normal Ipod music player in favor of it.


It has completely changed my experience of using my ipod with my sennheiser px100, klipsch image s4, and some other cheapo sony earbuds.  I no longer favor my rockboxed sansa clip as my go to player


The $2.99 "equalizer" (its actually called equalizer) is good too, but i prefer having a true parametric in EQu as i have been able to dial in the sound more precisely with it.

I also find it easier to use.


I'm glad people are starting to use these.  I think not as many people on head-fi have an ipod touch as i thought.


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