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NYC Headphone Stores

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Anyone know any great places in New York to try out some nice headphones discussed on this board? Ety's, Senn's, Grado's, Shures and the like.

Please keep it to Manhattan and Brooklyn. Thanks.
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trying ety's and shure's....

They would NEVER let you try any type of earphone in germany, esp. not ear-canal ones (even if you do put new tips on to try them...)
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Stereo Exchange carries a small selection of grado and akg. it is located on broadway just south of bleeker st. they are helpful but not nearly as knowledgeable as the people here.
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and they are as rude as hell. harvey electronics on 47th (between 5th and Broadway). they carry senn's all the way up to the 600's and grado to rs series. for canalphones, j & r on park row carries shure e2's and koss porta and sporta series. scientific plastic's on 30th and 8th carry all etymotic products. but beware they are very expensive and dont' offer a return policy. to give you an idea, i bought my er-6's from them, and when i bought the 4P's i bought them from idealsound on ebay. paul rocks.
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etys rule-Thanks so much for your kind comments!! Happy Listening!!

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They carry headphones :


1221 Lexington Ave.
New York, NY 10028
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j&r music world on park row carries koss porta, sporta pros, assorted senn up to 600, koss ur something huge, a couple other models, but no grados, akg, etc. Also very overpriced, and pushy salesmen.

Anybody know any stores in queens?
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What about B&H Photo? The sell headphones, don't they? How's the in-store customer service & knowledge of the staff?
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B&H doesn't carry anything the above mentioned stores don't. I personally shop the phones in the stores and order them online. As long as they have a return policy, you should be ok.
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This same question was asked about a month ago:

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Originally posted by davidtoc
What about B&H Photo? The sell headphones, don't they? How's the in-store customer service & knowledge of the staff?

Horrible, and the headphone amp is a crappy pro one, all headphones are hanging there, mostly in pieces, from an old rack, and the store is crowded like a footbal stadium, it looks inside like a farm market....everybody screaming and talking at the same time...horrible, I was there once or twice and I think I will never go there again....
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Yeah B&H is like a zoo and their setup isn't best and environment not ideal. I do find the sale people quite helpful in the photo and audio section. I love their hassle free return policy though. That's the main reason why I shop there.It's the best policy for people like me who are anal about certain things. I drill the product in that time frame.
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Originally posted by etys rule
and they are as rude as hell.
I second that re: Stereo Exchange.

I went in there to check out the the Acoustic Energy AEgo 2's. They let me listen to them, but I couldn't put my own music in. No biggie. Then I go over to the counter to ask someone how much they were selling them for. There was one guy behind the counter and one guy in front. First the guy behind the counter says, "$350". Then instantaneously, the guy in front, who was trying to cut the other guy off, says "$399". I get this slackjawed look on my face and then glare at the guy who's trying to rip some more money off of me. I just walked out. Suffice to say I will never buy anything from there.
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gotcha...avoid B&H.
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That's exactly why I don't buy from the retail stores. Shop the stores, buy online. I can totally see that happening in Stereo Exchange.
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