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Need help deciding between dt770 pro and dt880/32 (I am a sound noob)

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Hello everyone,


I'm Extremely new to quality sound up to this point I've been running with a crappy Logitech headset and onboard sound on my new PC rig.  I was going to pick up some Sennheiser 151s as one of my "Christmas gifts" but then I heard the name Beyerdynamic.  Then it dawned on me, my fathers company supplies that stuff, so after talking with him it turns out I can get an amazing deal on 2 of their models.


Dt770pro  (only 90 bucks Canadian)

Dt880/32  (only 130 bucks, they have 1 left and have stopped supplying them hence the cheap price)


Unfortunately my father knows little to nothing about there headphones so I'm trying to figure this out on my own.


I know i'm going to have to get a better soundcard for my computer and I will do that in the near future,  I play games competitively but only on my ps3, keeping this in consideration if I get a mixamp. Primarily this will be for my PC needs,  I do play games on my PC, World of Warcraft, Metro 2033, Crysis, and Civilization 5. 


I'd like for these to be great for my wife and I listening to music as well (Primarily on the PC) we listen to rock, soft rock, alternative, and pop.  If we could use them on the Ipod touch that would be great too. 


The problem I'm having with reading so many opinions on these models is the contradiction, I do understand however everyone's ears are attuned differiently.


My fears with the dt770pro is the overpowering bass ruining the clarity of the music.

My fears with the dt880/32 is having little to no bass, bullets and explosions in games not sounding right.


If I had the money i'd just buy them both but unfortunately i'm cleaned out from buying Christmas gifts this year.  I know nothing about sound but have somehow turned into a picky soundsnob overnight, I guess its just my obsessive tendencies.


Any advise on what I should do would be great, keeping in mind that when more money comes in I can invest in amps, soundcards, and other gadgets.

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My main issue with my 770/80's is the mid range, or lack of it. Being that these were my first real headphones, for the last 2 years I was perfectly happy with them. Suddenly I started really noticing the mids being really recessed. I got the urge to demo some new cans and fell in love with the Grado sound and the rest is recent history. Honestly now, I don't like the Beyers much at all. They just sounds really muffled to me. They do however make pretty good gaming cans. They have a decent sound stage and the bass really goes well with FPS type games. I even like them with WoW.

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I've also read about the dt770pro 80's epic bass for fps style games and that is definitely a plus.   I also see from the gaming headset poll that the dt880's seems to be the 2nd most popular choice next to the ATH-AD700.  I'm wondering weather or not this poll was taken from just a "competitive" point of view.


I'm thinking immersion (bass) for me is more important than a competitive edge,  but I also don't want my music to suffer from the crazy bass.  If the dt880's have decent bass I'd be quite interested as I hear they are better for listening to music than the dt770pro 80's.

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Unfortunately I have until Monday to decide if I want to have either pair for Christmas.  triportsad.gif

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You need to see what you really want. The 770s do have a strong bass impact, but in my months of using them never ruined the music. It is strong, but NOT muddy (unless its a bad recording).


The midrange, however, is an entirely different matter. I agree with ArmAndHammer that the mids are really recessed.


You'll see the difference if you try grados or even a flat headphone after using them for a while.


You might want to get the 880s. My impressions are that they are clearer, and score higher in every aspect compared with the 770s except in bass impact.


Just be happy with whichever you choose though, part of liking a headphone is not thinking about others once you buy it :D

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Well I've decided to go with the dt770pro-80s because I've heard lots of people say the dt880's don't have the "fun factor" that the 770's do in immersive gaming.  Besides, I'm coming from a pair of logitech $30 phones and to my hi-fi virgin ears i'm sure they will be amazing.  It seemed to me that the dt880's were rated so highly as "gaming" cans due to their excellent "competitive" gaming qualities.  I play more single player stuff and immersion is more what I'm going for.  I'm going to put a hold on those dt880's for 130 bucks, I can always buy them when money is better.

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