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But thanks for the advice,
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I owned it twice...u need to amp it for the bass to shine.
Hard to tame.

Hv u read up on Philips A5Pro? Looks exciting...New product:-)
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You could always keep checking eBay, just make sure their rating is above 90-95 and you should be fine, I've occasionally seen the PRO900 on eBay for a pretty decent price. It's probably worth a determined look for a few days.
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I sometimes miss these babies...

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Originally Posted by Jibbie View Post

I sometimes miss these babies...


keep the memories..n just move on bro...

(the Yamaha MT220 took over the reign at my end..v happy.)

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How do these compare to the Pro 750?

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Originally Posted by goldenSHK View Post

People have to accept on this thread that the Pro900 is more a polarizing headphone than most. It's not for everyone. I completely understand what some people are describing as harsh highs. The Pro900s are the headphones I listen to most at the moment because they are unmatched in their presentation of bass heavy music. I haven't found any headphone that can beat them - any. However, there are many times that I switch between them and my other headphones and realize just how distant the mids can be in comparison to more neutral headphones. It is what it is, and I love the Pro900s for what they are; and they are a very polarizing headphone. I haven't heard anyone say yet "The Pro900s are OK, just about what I expected." It's always more along the lines of the following two: "These things absolutely ROCK" or "Earbleeding trash/overpriced junk." That's ok for me because I belong to the former group rather than the latter. 


EDIT: Upon further thought of my post, maybe the TH900/TH600 can actually match the Pro900's presentation of bass heavy music - that I would probably agree with. 

I will be receiving my 900s tomorrow and I will chime in on here with my pre burn-in comparo between the th600 and the Usones 900. Right now I feel the TH-600 are a tad too bass light but over all a great sounding headphone. 

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Got my Pro 900 for a while now, the bass is simply amazing. However, you can definitely heard the different when it plugs into difference sources. I owned iPod classic, Sony ZX1, and AK100. When it plugs into ZX1 (Normal EQ, no clear bass enable), I can clearly heard the difference between the quality of the bass when compares to iPod Classic and AK100. I mostly listening to heavy-bass electric musics, when it plugs into iPod classic, the bass is strong; however, the bass is kind of mixing with the mid. When it plus to ZX1, I like easily tell that the bass is getting deeper and more separate from the mid tone. 

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