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CK10 vs DBA-02?

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has anyone done a comparison of these two? I know they are very similar and I've pretty much decided on getting one of the two, but the lack of direct comparison makes it hard... I'm specifically curious about things like bass impact, instrument separation, and whether or not the ck10's are really worth the roughly $100 more...

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haven't you read this: http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/478568/multi-iem-review-123-iems-compared-sunrise-xcape-brainwavz-m3-added-11-30

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I did read it, and thats where I learned how similar they are. I am curious as to the differences in a direct comparison, and like I said, if the ck10s are worth the extra money

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ok, I hope ljokerl will help you a bit. But I have some similar threads here

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The CK10s are probably not worth the extra $100.  are they better?  you get slightly less bass impact for much better build quality, better speed, and clarity.

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It depends. If sound is all that matters then they are very close where the extra amount the CK10 costs is not worth it. If you care about things such as build quality then maybe the CK10 would be worth it. The CK10 is the best built earphone I have owned and has beat just about every earphone I have auditioned with the exception of the CK100. The CK10 is built much better than the DBA-02. It also looks better imo. I liked the cable on the CK10 much better. If I were to choose between the CK10 or the DBA-02 I would pick the CK10 as the better package but I would know very well that the extra $100 is definitely not getting much return on your money compared to just buying a DBA-02.

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^ x2


I currently am trying out both the DBA-02 and CK10 (loaners) and personally like the DBA-02 more. The CK10 just sounds a bit too ethereal. There isn't that much bass impact and the highs are a bit more sibilant than the DBA-02. The DBA-02 sounds a little more natural (especially with bass) and the highs seem more airy and yet less "hot". Though the DBA-02 does exhibit some sibilance, it is less than the CK10. If I tried, I could probably EQ the CK10 to sound like the DBA-02 and vice-versa. So really, it should come down to whether the extra build quality is worth the extra money.

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thanks, I think I am going to get the DBA-02s, once they get back in stock that is tongue_smile.gif

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where can i pick up the DBA-02 in the US?  anyone know?

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Many here have gotten them at:



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I'm having the same problem deciding. I'm leaning towards the CK10s but my big problem is that exact insertion and a perfect fit seems to be a big deal with the CK10s, where I don't hear nearly as many people complaining about with the DBA-02s. I have fairly large ears and I wouldn't be surprised if the CK10s fit poorly right out of the box. Is that something that can be corrected with the right tips, and if so which ones should I consider? Build quality and longevity is important to me, so the CK10s win out in that regard.

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i don't get where people have a hard time fitting it in their ears.  i guess i'm just lucky enough to have ears made for CK10s...  like i listened to them for hours before falling asleep last night (Tori Amos..  wow) and i felt like she was whispering in my ears the whole time.

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How do DBA-02's compare to the RE0? What would be a better purchase, DBA-02, or an Amp/DAC like the Fiio E7 for my RE0?

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from what i hear, the RE0 and the E7 are made for each other.  it makes the things it does well even better, like highs, clarity, etc, and makes the things it doesn't do well, bass, etc. much much better.

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So I feel like the E7 is a more future-proof purchase. If I do ever get some real full size cans, chances are I will need some sort of amp anyway.

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