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I currently use Sennheiser HD-25-1 II connected to a MINT (Dual 634 Buffers and a OPA2227 opamp). In this setup, the MINT volume control is only turned up about 1/8th of the way to get to normal listening level.


I was thinking about getting some DT770. I really like the HD-25, but I just want to get something different. I have to remain with closed headphones and the DT770 looks pretty sweet.


Would any of the three versions (32, 250, 600) be ok for connecting to this MINT? If so, how high would I likely have to crank the volume? Turned up too high, this amp gets pretty noisy. For the HD-25, it wouldn't get noise until far past the point of hearing damage.


Looking at the headroom graphs, the frequency response of hte 32 and 250 ohm versions are basically identical. The 600 ohm version seems to roll off the bass according to their graph however.


Thanks in advance.