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I was wondering if anyone has already compared the cowon
d2 or j3 .. x7 with the HM-602 at the qualitée
sound? there are many who say they have seen no
difference with IEM's less qualitée?
now i have a cowon d2+, i have the x7 for these 160gb :)
I coupled with the cowon.... amp 
pico slim or alo rx... these are a good idea ?
However I find that are very expensive and
hm-602 would be a resonable level $ $ $ My prioritée
is the sound of qualitée! I have now the
Westone ES5 then you will understand that I want
best option! thank you    sorry for my bad english :)

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I'd go thru the various 601 or 602 threads. If you don't have the need for a dac/amp then maybe the 601 bundled with the RE-Zero would be a good option. Mine came out to be 270 shipped and if you sell the RE-Zero it comes out to be very affordable.

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I do not know what you use  IEM
say the 601 is really better than the j3 level
sound so I took the 601 because I don' t need

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I have a Cowon X7 and S9, and just upgraded to HM-602. They are quite different products, but soundwise HM-602 is much clearer (less bass though) but of course it does not have all the digital sound processing EQ presets (30+) that Cowon offers. If fact HM-602 is better compared in form factors to the great iRiver IHP-140, my favourite. The Cowons are good in sound but have a very clunky GUI. HM-602 is simpler to use. Coupled with a good headphone, I think the HM-602 is much superior.


Update 2/11/12 : I will not buy Cowon again because 3 of my Cowon devices (X7, S9, D2+) all failed terminally in 1-2 years; typical hardware problems like malfunctioning screen, very bad interfacing to Mac (highly erratic syncing), various database issues, and poor Cowon international service. I have had to throw away money well spent. Sound was definitely good but what's the use if it crashes? In contrast, old Sony Clies and venerable iRiver IHP-140 from 10 years ago are marching strong and refusing to die.... I am surprised that after so long in the business, Cowon is so poor in build - for me.  

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Don't be fooled. I just sold my HM-801 over my new Cowon J3. I'm using JH 16 Pro with them. At first you think the Hifiman "must" sound better because of the price tag and because of what people on here tell you. They are more laid back that's what gets you first, but when you compare them closely you can hear a huge difference meaning the Hifiman just lacks detail and THATs why it sounds laid back. Channel separation is also much better. I'm actually discovering my music library again right now, after switching to the J3.


Try looking up some post from DFKT here on head-fi or on anythingbutipod, he explains nicely why Hifiman is actually...well...crap...

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My J3 is the best overall player I've ever owned.  My colorfly CK4 is equally as clear sounding and happens to have an exceptionally large and spacious sound, noticeably bigger than what the J3 EQ is capable of...however just like the HiFiMan Daps it had a really awful User Interface.  


In fact, the Hifiman and Colorfly Daps were so bad with their UI's that I returned them within a few days.  



-Amazing EQ and User Interface

-Good Output capable of driving most IEMs without the need for an amp 

( I've had so much trouble finding portable amps that best the J3 output, nothing could do so far.  Only the new IBasso T5 came close, its superior but still inferior in some areas.  Volume can go higher without distorting, output is a bit better.  More smooth sound than the J3 alone )

-Needs amps that are a fair bit larger and have significantly higher output to really sound amazing.  None of the slim amps except the TTVJ ( unfair because its so large to begin with ) are powerful enough to justify using with the J3.  


HiFiman and Colorfly Daps


-Horrid EQ and User Inferface

-Excellent Output capabilities, drives demanding portables.  HM801 with game module can drive 250ohm+ cans with ease, snap and great overall power

-Too neutral and smooth sounding for me

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