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Hey guys,



Having owned the Arrow for a few months now, I am curious about the lack of comparison to other amps. Not to mention the lack of detailed reviews. I have made a slew of upgrades to my system recently, but I promise once I feel I have achieved the sound signature I wanted and completed the burn-in process I will make sure to post up a detailed review of the arrow, DIYmod (and the effects of different internal cabling as well as cryo-treating of the ipod PCB), and TwAg cable.


In the meantime I was curious if any of you have had the chance to compare the Arrow to any of the newer iBasso or RSA offerings? If so, what do you think the strengths/weaknesses of either are? Many might say that I should just read individual reviews, but this does not offer a real comparison. Commenting on two amps in a vacuum (having not heard the other one) just gives you a review of two amps, not an actual AB comparison.



I am sure a lot of members would be interested in finding out this as well.



For those of you curious about my initial impressions of my setup, check out the review in my signature (UM3X).