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I have not been by HD in some time, but I saw them at Walmart just a few weekends ago. 

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Actually I don't have a HD near me at work so I'll try Lowes and Walmart.  If they have these things, their web sites suck because there is absolutely nothing like this on either site.



EDIT:  See, even past links in this thread lead to the wall mounted version:


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For those not near a home depot, Amazon has them as well, but for $15. Free shipping if you have prime, otherwise shipping would kill it.



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At my Walmart they are in the home and garden section. There's a whole isle with racks and hangers and such near the hose pipes. Tons of them!!

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+1 for the "Mug tree" idea that someone mentioned earlier. Went out and got it cheap at a local op shop!

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It does mount on the wall, this is how it's supposed to be used.




It just also makes a good headphone stand when you flip it over. :p


If you go over to the Rubbermaid Fasttrack stuff, you should be able to find it. It'll be somewhere like Garage Storage.

And if that doesn't work, amazon has them:


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Hahaha, oh wow, I really need to stop browsing these forums on my phone.  I didn't even notice that with all the pictures shrunk down, I'm really failing here lately.


I went to Walmart at lunch, they didn't have any.  I checked all around the Lawn and Garden section, outside, in the hose aisle, all they had were the winding floor units.


Maybe I'll try Lowes on the way home.

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Bam, Lowes had them.



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^^Nice!!^^ Sexy shot of the he400 also...wink.gif

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You might add some felt or something where the headband makes contact with the stand. Not sure if that is bare metal.

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Yeah I'm going through the rest of the thread to see what everyone else did.  I know some were talking about a sample of the Tempurpedic material, or cutting a half moon shaped piece of wood etc.  The metal is bare, but very smooth and finished all around.  Not worried about damage being done but don't want dents forming in the headband.

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Read all 32 pages here's my shot at helping out.  It would have been great to compare all 3, but the rubbermaid was sold out.  I do know lowe's carries it though, it was 15 feet up the wall on their display. 

Blue Hawk ~8'' tall,   $4.40 on clearance  http://www.lowes.com/pd_220190-46880-CMHH-6BK_0__?productId=3455004
Kobalt (lowe brand)  ~11'' tall,  $10
Rubbermaid  ~9.5'' tall,  $12

The gladiator brand had a weird forward leaning angle, so I didn't consider that one.

here's blue hawk compared to cobalt.  I believe the blue hawk is the one at the bottom of page #11 if you want pics with headphones on it.


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Here's an update of my mod of the original stand, with an HD650 and T1 now! biggrin.gif

Cables not optimally downwards, but still better than before. It's about 1.5 inches above what they're normally be without the mod.
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Here's mine, from Woo Audio:



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I need a headphone stand for Sennheiser HD598 and Denon D5000

the ones at Lowes look good, anywhere i can get them in Europe?


Else i might look into Woo audio double headphone stand the black one is neat



Or i could go for the Glass stand from Audio technica, but is Denon D5000 too heavy for the AT glass stand?


If anyone make headphone stands i am alos intressed but keep in mind i looking for something Dark (black-cherry wooden)

to go with my all black Pc rig

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