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What amp to make my Senn HD580's sing!

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Am currently using a heavily modded QED MD45 (cheap basic amp modded to an inch of it's life) - it's not bad at all but I can hear it's shortcomings.


I am thinking of a 2nd hand Heed Canamp but am wondering what other amps I should be considering - budget is up to £200 2nd hand.


Remember, this is for the HD580's!


Any help much appreciated.

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Anybody? redface.gif

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 Well, I'd imagine if you asked 50 people this question, you'd probably get close to 50 different answers! But since I have only had one amp with my 580's, I can only offer that experience to you. I am currently using a DIY amp called a CKKIII (or CK2III, or more technically The Cavalli-Kan Kumisa III ) as described here http://www.amb.org/audio/ck2/  . Paired with a Nforce uDAC fed from my PC through the USB port, I really enjoy the sound I hear with my 580's. I feed it with lossless FLAC files through Fubar2000 and the quality is excellent.

 I picked up my CKKIII here in the For Sale forums for $150 but I generally see them run in the $150-225 USD range. Recently the uDAC's have been seen in the FS forums in the $60 range (I use the 1st gen uDAC and that is what I've seen being sold here) so that seems real close to your budget's range. The uDAC also has a built in amp as well as a DAC, but I wasn't ever satisfied using it as an amp. As a DAC it functions fine for us low budget folks.

 My rig is definetly on the lower end of the audiophile's scale make no mistake, but honestly, I have never been disappointed with my low budget setup.

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I use a Shanling PH100 with mine. Works really well. I've tried a Grado RA-1 'clone' which was okay, and also have a Project Headbox which is a bit rubbish compared to the Shanling. I'm tempted to try a Little Dot 3, but I'm not sure it'll be 'better' than the PH100 which really does make the HD580s sing well.

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