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You have a newer model, I guess. Mine is first gen (not the prototype) and says 'dock'.


jronan2: The Mixamp should have come with a male to male 3.5mm cable. Use that from the Mixamp's headphone out, to the E9's line in. That's it.

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Originally Posted by Mad Lust Envy View Post

You have a newer model, I guess. Mine is first gen (not the prototype) and says 'dock'.


jronan2: The Mixamp should have come with a male to male 3.5mm cable. Use that from the Mixamp's headphone out, to the E9's line in. That's it.

O yeaa...durrr.. the headset goes into the e9..brain fart for a second. With this set up can you still use the functions of the mixamp like voice/game volume and reg. volume wheel. Which headset did you like for gaming? I was thinking about the DT 990/600 for gaming and music. I already have the ath m50's for music and ad 700, razer carcharias for xbox so another gaming headset is not necessary, just a plus. I apologize in advance if this has been answered already but can the e9 power up the DT990/600 to it's full potential. Or is the 250 ohm version more appropriate?

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I asked Deckhand Davy to post his impressions of the ability of the E9 to drive his K701 (in another thread/section of the forums) - apologies if this has already appeared in this huge thread ...


1. For the 701's (or other K70*'s) I highly recommend the FiiO e9 amp to drive them if you are on a budget. At  $129, The e9 has some wonderful power behind it and may even get better with a better power supply..not sure if anyone has tried that yet. I would also recommend the inexpensive Little Dot MK III. Wonderful tube package, especially if you would like to take some of the edge off of the k701's and warm up the sound a bit...it is listed under $200 I believe.


2. I have a wide range of headphones and the e9 has driven all of them properly. Worth noting, I used my Denon D2000's, AKG 701's and the amp hungry Beyer DT990/600ohm cans. It drove them all properly and didn't skip a beat.


Probably not news to E9 owners, but it might help some of those who have bought the K701 and are trying to amp the thing.

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Update: K701 & E9 after 1 week
May I do this by a conversation:
E9: "K701, am I doing you good already?"
K701: "E9, do you have some more power? I need more!"
E9: "Are you not yet contented with I've got this time?"
K701: "Not yet"
E9: "Be patient, I will throw out more power after hundred of hours of burnin"
K701: "Let us see."

Actually, guys, me coming from SR60 which is so good, I am expecting for more quality sound from K701. But, in reality, if your in need of instant gratification E9 maybe is not the key. Buy the more powerful amps out there if you've got cash. But the good news too is E9 is trying its best. In fact after one week, I have observed that there is already body in my K701, before it was too tiny sounding and harsh. Let's watch out what will happen next. Will I give up on E9 and buy a powerful amp or wait till E9 has been cooked.

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The K701 isn't underpowered with the E9. What you're hearing is transparency. It doesn't add anything to the sound; just improves it. The shortcoming you are experiencing is the fault of the K701 which is more likely to be fixed with a tube amp. You have your ideas of "power" mixed up. Power, or should I say voltage, has absolutely nothing to do with burn in, and does not increase from more hours of use. A tube amp might sound better not because it has more power; but because it changes the sound signature of the headphone.


Even if they are far harder to drive than a 62 ohm can should be; there is no way that the E9 can fully power Sennheisers (300 ohms) and Beyers (600 ohms) and not be able to power the K701's. As I've asked before, have you tried the high gain setting?

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Riku, go easy on him. Valiente is special. As in school. 

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I'm sorry if I'm a bit brutal to the performance of E9. In fact, it is now doing good. And if I'm going to describe it: before K701 sounds like a skeletal system-when E9 was new, like with my PA2V2, now it sounds like a skeletal system + muscular system. I do hope for another system -respiratory system. Next week I'm looking for it, if my E9 will grant my wish.biggrin.gif

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Originally Posted by Riku540 View Post

 As I've asked before, have you tried the high gain setting?

Yap. You know I'm expecting too much from this amp. Anyway I'm trying to love it now.. Now that it is really improving the performance of K701. Also, I am comparing the performance of E9 from my PA2V2-is just half the price of E9- but a very good performer.

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I have to agree with Riku here.  With the K701 being 62ohm and also having a sensitivity of 105db the E9 could drive them to levels that would literally burst your ear drum. The E9 likely produces somewhere in the neighborhood of 600-900mW at the impedance and with that sensitivity rating……..well it pretty much tells the story.

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Valiente is confusing synergy with capability to drive.


I owned the K701 and the E9 at the same time. The E9 would explode the K701.


IMHO, the E9 doesn't synergize with the K701 well. Not because the E9 is at fault, or because it's underdriving them, but because the K701's innate signature is so cold and sterile. It begs for some warmth (and coming from a person who LOVES a bright signature, should tell you). Valiente more than likely just needs some extra warmth, that is all. Too bad, because the E9 isn't a colorful amp.


However, this is my personal opinion on it's sound. I just don't like the K701 as a music headphone.

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Has anyone compared the E7/E9 combo to the Nuforce Icon HDP yet?  My search turned up no results.  I'd be very curious to see the results of a comparison between these two.  I see eariler in the thread someone mentioned that if you aren't listening to higher bit rate music it doesn't make sense to drop the cash on the HDP, but I've also heard that the HDP has a great AMP section, hence me asking.

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dave, I have to go completely on the same threads that you have read, but if the E9 matches the HDP on any criteria beyond raw power (and I have no idea if that is the case), then Fiio have pulled off the nigh impossible - building an amp that matches another *Chinese-manufactured* amp, and an amp that has been hailed as serious VFM, at almost a quarter of the price. I just don't see that happening, but always happy to hear otherwise.


Edit : OK, adding the E7 for DAC duty brings it back to something closer to half the price, and the HDP is a DAC/preamp/amp - whatever the specifics, it still seems like a big ask for the Fiio combination.

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Originally Posted by dave3533 View Post

I see eariler in the thread someone mentioned that if you aren't listening to higher bit rate music it doesn't make sense to drop the cash on the HDP

That would be me. The fact of the matter is the HDP is more than twice the price of the E7/E9 and there should not be any real audible differences unless you have anything higher than 48kHz/16bit audio. Both being solid state amps, there should be very little, if any audible differences at all playing standard CD quality music. Mind you, I have not personally heard the HDP, but lets face the facts here; differences between amps in general is already marginal as is. The better and bigger the differences are the more exponential jump in price.


At least for me, paying more than twice the price for something doesn't mean it has to be twice as good, but it should at least be noticeable in a more or less obvious way. If the difference is so small you have to A-B several times to discern anything, I think that money could be far better spent.

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Update: After 2 weeks my K701 & E9 seems to be getting in love with each other. My K701 is in new level today with E9. Watch out out for my complete impressions. Really, a used amp is better than a brand new one. k701smile.gif

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Well after waiting 2 weeks for a reply from the seller  'Fiio UK' (note: they don't seem to have ANY affiliation with Fiio themselves, rather just sneakily used the name to get sales!). I have sent my E9 back. My partner had trouble getting any info from him/her about them covering the cost of returning the unit, he/she just skirted around the question until I got on the case and threatened trading standards and to notify 'Amazooon' about their underhanded tactics (well in my opinionion they are underhanded). They have finally accepted that they will receive the amp back from me. I tend to be the "once bitten twice shy" type and so haven't yet made my mind up as to whether I will get another E9 or just go for a LD 3 ? It will be easier getting a new E9 as I will not have to sell the E7 and buy a different dac to use with the LD. Though I am very tempted to get the LD dac and LD 3 but that's some serious cash to splash out in Jan.


Anyway I appreciate the info from Feiao and would buy Fiio products in the future (come on, give us some tubes ;-). I will however say, do not buy from the amazoon seller Fiio UK as they are VERY slow in delivery and in responding to emails. I sell on amazoon, eslay etc etc and would not dream of leaving a customer waiting 2 weeks to hear a reply.


My E9 only worked if I held the jack in place so can't really comment on it's performance. My E7 is great with my macbook though and works fine with my 225's and RS-1's


Well that's my 2 cents.

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