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Well it is something you should exchange your E9 for (noise with volume adjustment) or at least contact FiiO and ask if there is a fix. This is an amp you paid for and it should work perfectly, and FiiO are well known for their customer service, I am sure they will listen.


Re. the T1 - it was listening to the T1 on the E9 that made me buy it - it sounded tremendous and a lot better than it did than on several other more expensive amplifiers. There are always two issues though - the subjective and the objective. Objectively the E9 can power pretty much anything - as Riku said it can power a K1000 in terms of volume. Whether or not you like it's sound is subjective.


It is certainly more impactful and musical in its sound than my Cantate.2, which seems more resolving and refined. The E9 perhaps punches while the Cantate caresses if that metaphor makes any sense. For some people that would swing them towards the Cantate.2, but since I got the E9 that is all I have wanted to listen to because it suits my tastes better for an amp. 


So that's what it comes down to - objective - can it power these phones - yes absolutely. Subjective - is it good enough for them - for my tastes absolutely, but others might not agree.


Another point to make is that the difference amps make are HUGELY exaggerated on headfi - a lot of people have spent an obscene amount of money on amps they earnestly want to believe are that much better than entry level amps but in reality we are talking about hundreds of pounds per extra percent performance. I think as long as it isn't trash most amps really sound almost the same.


I want to make that qualification because when I read back my third paragraph it sounds like I'm describing major differences when in reality they are really quite subtle. I think from now on when it comes to amping and daccing of things - I'm going to be very much budget fi - I've heard enough expensive and enough budget amps now to know that going into the high expense territory is really not worth the money. Save it for headphones.

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I have found a really good-sounding and synergistic rig with the Fiio-E9: a Nationite S-Flo2 source, Whiplash Audio TWAg mini-to-mini cable, Fiio-E9, Brainwavz Alpha IEMs.  What I'm particularly enjoying about this rig is the plummy yumminess of the bass, the full, plush, lushness of the mids, the delicate subtlety and beauty of the highs and the really well-definedness of the spatial aspects of the sound overall - well-defined placement and 3-D spatial qualities of the musical voices.  The Fiio-E9 delivers with the Brainwavz Alphas a more enjoyable sound, to me, than the SR-71A, but the SR-71A delivers a more enjoyable sound, to me, with the Brainwavz M3 than the Fiio-E9.  I think that the Fiio-E9 is a particularly good match for the Brainwavz Alpha's.  For now, I'm really enjoying the presenatation of the sound with the Fiio-E9 rig listed above.  I wish that these rig components had been available back when I was lining up the purchase of my headphone rig back in December of 2003.  A much better-sounding and larger variety of headphone rig components is available now than back then.  That said, I have to also say that I really enjoyed following the path that I followed back then - leading to the SET of headphone rigs I use today, AND, that I'm really enjoying the sound I'm getting from this particular headphone rig - for a good deal less than the rig I put together back in 2003-2004.  In this particular rig, the most expensive components are the S-Flo2 source and TWAg mini-to-mini cable - but it's worth it, IMO, for the sound that it is letting through from the Nationite S-Flo2 to the Fiio-E9.

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Originally Posted by Mad Lust Envy View Post

Okay, I'm starting to get the static/noise when adjusting the volume with the E9. A non-issue as it's not like I adjust the volume when listening to music, but it's definitely there. What's funny is that I can only hear it on the right channel.


Definitely not something I'd return/exchange my E9 for.


Also to note, it only happens once in awhile. I can't make it happen all the time.

Mine happens all the time, and its getting to be annoying!!!

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I can confirm that my E9 also has static noise through the right channel during volume adjustment, so it's probably a feature/bug of the design.

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Sorry, We need to check whether it is cause by the static electonics in diry and cool winter! or it is the defect of the potentionmeter!


Usually the ptentionmeter will have adjust noise after 1 or 2 year ( it is hard to prevent it , and we already use the best from Alps ), but obviously, it is not the time because


We just released E9 not long before!  so it should not be caused by such problem!


So any detail feedback, includes detail situation, when, where, how , and such etc, will help us find out the reason!

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I live in Houston, very humid, and I have the problem

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I live in Finland. Very dry during winter (and somewhat cold... it was -22 degF yesterday).


Anyway, the static noise is not very loud and varies depending on the headphones used. I can hear it quite easily with my Fostex phones and not so much with the Sennheisers.

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As mentioned before, I wouldn't wanna part with my E9 UNLESS the problem can be pinpointed and fixed.

Again, I can't control when it will and when it won't occur. It does become more or less prominent depending on headphones, but they all get it, and always only on the right channel. It ONLY happens when adjusting the volume, so it shouldn't be a dealbreaker as it doesn't ever happen once you leave the volume pot alone.

As long as you set your volume to your usual level of listening, you really don't have much of a reason to readjust the volume unless your audio has wildly varying decibel levels.

I would return it to get it fixed, as long as it doesn't take too long to get back. I use my E9 everyday for many hours at a time.

Hell, I'm burning in my D7000 atm with the E9 hooked up to my Fuze. That's gonna be a process that lasts a few weeks while I'm sleeping and working.
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Maybe I'm just not a nitpick compared to a lot of people here, but complaining there is static when the volume is being adjusted to me is like complaining about static between channel flips on a television.


Even in a full day's worth of listening, I couldn't add up to more than 10 seconds total of volume adjustment time.


Seriously, is this really something that needs to be considered a problem, let alone a reason to send a unit back for?


I do have varying volume levels in my music collection, do not use normalizers, and only use the volume pot to turn the thing on, and off.


Set it and leave it.

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I'm not really complaining and I'm perfectly happy with the E7/E9, so it's not really a problem for me (and certainly not a dealbreaker). I think listeners are just more sensitive to this kind of thing these days when nearly every device has a digital volume control instead of analog, and I just chimed in to tell about my findings as well.


I've mentioned this before, but I'm very happy with the feel of the Alps pot and would not think of changing it for a digital control.

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Just received my E9 on CHRISTMAS DAY!!

My rig is Macbook  to  udac2   to e9    to turbineGold...

both interconnects are nuforce cables.


Initial impression ...most obvious is in the vocals...

celine dion seemed to be more PRESENT to me.

suddenly i noticed her again..heee.


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I have a pre-production E9 with the noisy pot when adjusting volume. I've noticed that if I turn the volume knob back and forth a few times - with no headphones connected so as not to damage any thing, the noise is reduced. 



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Well I received my E9 on Xmas morning but with having a family and cooking Xmas dinner for 8.5 people (half brother ;-) I didn't get a chance to check out the amp till boxing day. Anyway, was very excited to get it fired up, took it out of box, thought hmmm quite small, quite light, nicely machined.


 I set up, popped the E7 in the top and turned it all on.


I first noticed the E7 had to be 'wiggled' a bit to get it to sit right and work. I then noticed that the sound didn't come through till the volume knob was around/past 8 o'clock (turns on at 7). I am not sure if this is normal as I've never tested one before.


At the same time I noticed the volume only came through the right side, I 'wiggled' the E7, no dice ? I then 'wiggled' the headphone jack and viola!! Only problem was, when I let go of the jack, within a few seconds the sound goes again.


So unless I sit holding the jack in position I afraid I'm stuffed.


I did notice a bit of static/noise when turning the volume knob but again not sure this is the norm ?


My partner has emailed whoever she bought it from and is waiting a response but I have to say it has left a bad taste in my mouth with it having quite a few little 'problems'. My only ventures into the headphone amp world are with Fiio and they have always come good but I am afraid I'll be sending the E9 back and selling my E7. I think I'm going to go down the Valve road next.


Merry Christmas to me ;-(

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Static when turning the volume pot is normal.


There are a few of us who have experienced similar issues with the E7 and or E9; me being one of them. My issue was not the headphone jack, but the E7 connecting to the dock. I had to hold the E7 is place to get both channels working.


I got mine through Micca and they had a replacement for me in the mail only 2 days later. The FiiO E7 and E9 is the best thing that has happened to me in my headphone life.


I would really hope you would give FiiO another chance; one of their managers, James (feiao), is a member here and has been in constant communication with us to cater to our specific needs as Head-Fi'ers.


Don't let a faulty unit get you down and deprive you of a product of outstanding quality, superb value, which outperforms other amplifiers many times more than its price.

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Originally Posted by Riku540 View Post

I would really hope you would give FiiO another chance;

Yeah, I will have to have a think really coz I've had a chance to listen to the little dot mk3 over Xmas and do like the sound of the tubes. I am just not convinced the E7/E9 is for me. I am not really happy with products that need 'wiggling' or messing with to get working. The fact that the E7 isn't a great fit as well as the jack problem just doesn't bestow me with the confidence I want when paying out my hard earned (or the Mrs hard earned). I am still to receive a response from the supplier so will see what they have to say first.

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