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Proud owner of a tube based RKV Mark II myself, and a Headroom Home which will probably be sold off.
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Corda Headamp (DYI kit)
Headroom Total Airhead
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Headroom (Old) Max.
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Mine is an Earmax Pro valve amplifier. But it says "Brocksieper" on it, as in "Stefan Brocksieper", its German designer, and my power supply takes in 220 volts. And there is music coming out of it, and it glows in the dark, and it's sooo cuddly.
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x-cans-v2 + x-psu!
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I have a ss Rega Ear, mostly because the price was right, but secondly because I don't want to deal with tubes needing replacement. If I couldn't use my amp anytime I wanted, I wouldn't know what to do. Plus I don't have to wait for my amp to warm up.
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Did use a NVA AP10h head amp. (Single box single vol control)


Now have a NVA AP10 JS head amp. (Three box twin vol control)




Effortless drive and massive soundstage.

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I have an NVA - AP10h JS


Three box, twin vol control special.

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Woo WA3 and a Parasound HCA-800ii with a couple of Vinyl Flat Can Openers attached...

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schiit Asgard 2 Soon to be Gustard H10.

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Schiit Asgard. Which I like, it looks nice, the price was excellent, I like Schiit and their customer service, and of course, the sound is very nice. It works well with all my headphones, which is something I go for when picking an amp.

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Feliks Audio Elise
Violectric V200
Meier-Audio Corda Concerto
Meier-Audio Corda Arietta
Oppo105 (internal headamp)
LDlll (6HM5/6SN7)
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Schiit Magni, which started me on this journey, and soon to have the Cavalli Liquid Carbon. Who knows in the far future, probably something tubey, I keep looking at the LittleDot Mk-IV or one of those over there but I haven't done a whole lot of research.
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earmax silver

and looking for one more solid amp right now:D

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Quinpu Q-2 for my speakers and a Little Dot MK III for the headphones. To be honest, the Quinpu Q-2 is a pretty good amp considering the price range and is something I would recomend anyone getting who's never owned an amp that uses tubes.

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