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YUIN, try them again or something else?

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I had a pair of PK3s that I really liked a lot, but after 6 months the right channel just stopped working.

I might pull the trigger on a pair of PK2s but I'm a little worried about them blowing out like my last pair.

Has YUIN gotten better over the past year? Or, is there an alternative that sounds similar to YUIN's sound signature?
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Perhaps not similar in sound signature, but here is something you might be interested in: Sunrise. If you search around, there are a few review as well.

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Thanks ClieOS, interesting find. I only wonder what their durability is like in comparison to the YUIN line.
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I'm in the same boat SoulSyde. Had two pair of PK3's go bad. So I'm off YUIN for now. I've since gotten a pair of Senn MX471 (for smaller ears) and they don't fit right. Guess my ears aren't as small as I thought. I have a pair of Senn MX 580 on the way. I don't like the in-line volume control though. Just another connection that can break.  I'm waiting for the Sunrise AS-Feeling to become available. I'll definately pick up a pair when they do.

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I have the MXL-570s and unfortunately they don't compare to the PK3s. Please let me know your thoughts on the 580s and if you think they sound anything like your PK3s.
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Got my MX 580's today. They have a totally different sound signature than the PK3's. Much more clarity. The highs are much clearer and the bass isn't that boomy, fun bass of the PK3's. The bass on the MX580's is tighter and clearer. This is right out of the box on a rockboxed SansaClip+ with no equalizer used. I'm pretty sure these will loosen up a bit, but if you're looking for a sound similar to the PK3's I don't think these are the ones.  With all that said, these are great buds. I'm sure that once they loosen up a bit and I do a little EQ adjustment they will suit me fine. I don't think they will give you that PK3 sound signature you want though. 

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KCrabbe, based on your comments, I just ordered the MX580. It'll be interesting to see how they compare to the PK1 sound, and my venerable MX500.

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So far I really like them. I'm in the process of putting some music on that I know better than the stuff I had today so I can get a better impression. The first word that came to mind when I put them on today was clarity. The highs seem a bit harsh and the bass could be beefier, but with some EQ (not much) I think I can take care of that. The bass is punchy without being boomy. I'm not a bass head so these should be fine for me. I'm gonna throw on some Miles Davis (acoustic and electric), Billy Preston, NOFX, Weather Report, Paul Simon, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, Zappa, Mahler, and Beethoven  to give these things a real test. Should be fun!

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Yeah perhaps you should consider the Sunrise As-Charm. is only 80USD on ebay but it almost on par with Pk1 which cost like 159. So is like Pk2 prices for almost PK1 level of sound.

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Thanks, you may notice that ClieOS recommended Sunrise on the 2nd post, but I will certainly be looking into these.

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Originally Posted by socrates63 View Post

KCrabbe, based on your comments, I just ordered the MX580. It'll be interesting to see how they compare to the PK1 sound, and my venerable MX500.

My MX580 arrived yesterday, and I just opened them now. Wow! Nice build quality, looks, and carrying bag. Multiple ear sleeves is another plus. I wasn't expecting so much from an under-$30 earbud package.


Compared to my venerable MX500, the placement of instruments is more natural. The soundstage is little wider with more depth. Overall, I felt closer to the stage. The MX580 definitely improves with a portable amp, and adding a 75ohm resistor to the chain (DAP > Pico Slim > 75ohm resistor > MX580) adds sparkle and better definition to the sound. Bassheads need not apply as the MX580 is not a bass monster (thank goodness as I hate boomy earphones). The sound seems well balanced with perhaps some emphasis on the mids.


Compared to the PK1, the MX580 is more aggressive (but not harsh). The PK1 sounds a little more laid back and smoother. I will need more time to compare the two, but the MX580 is definitely holding its own against the more expensive and highly regarded PK1.


I have found my budget earbud, or should I just say earbud. The price is just another positive. The MX580 should be ranked with the Koss KSC75 when it comes to cheap earphones that deliver in sound quality.

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Hi, ClieOS . I am considering the Sunrise As Feeling. I was considering the Yuin PK3 until I read about so many problems with the cable.Could you please tell me specifically how the As Feeling's cable compares to that of the PK3? Am I going to have a dead pair of earbuds 4 months down the line like so many have had with the Yuin series? Thank You.

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@ SoulSyde: Don't get PK2 over PK3 - PK3 is the more fun, natural sounding earbud in my opinion. PK3 has nice, punchy bass and great midrange, while PK2 has less bass quantity, a more recessed midrange and a rather muddy upper treble, which makes the overall sound quite thin and brittle.

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Thanks for the info. I've actually decided to try a pair is Sunshine AS-Charm earbuds when they become available.
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Glad you like them Socrates63. I've been very happy with mine. They seemed to have loosened up a bit or my brain adjusted. I adjusted the EQ to take some of the bite out of the high end and added a little bass. My ears are very sensitive to high frequencies. The only thing I don't like is the cord. It always twists on me. But I can deal with that. Overall they are a great bang-for-the-buck earbud.


SoulSyde-- I hope the AS-Charm works out for you.

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