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Good stuff.. thanks for the info.. I almost never use the bass boost on the V3, too (or any fq-enhancing switches/features on my audio gear).  Call me OCD, or whatever.. I prefer to hear the 'true voice' of my gear without enhancements (flaws and all).  I've got an ODAC on order as well, so I'm looking forward to seeing how it pairs with the V3.


I'll have a comparison between the O2 & V3 in my review.. like I said, they're both fantastic amps & deliver serious value.  There's certain things the O2 does better, there's certain things the V3 does better.. but on the whole, I prefer the V3.  It's sounds more musical and dynamic to my ears.

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It's downright disturbing how incredible this combo sounds with the HE-500.  In fact, it should probably be illegal (**looks at Arizona**).


When driving the HE-500.. I like this combo more than the O2.



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lol, that picture makes me want one, even though i've already got one! biggrin.gif

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So I sent Neco an email asking a couple things about the v.3 compared to the v.2 and asked him whether he knew about the O2, etc.


He very graciously responded:


"V3 has better circuit layout + dual-gain-mode and bass-enhance circuit + it can be charged with a computer USB port (cable included). Apart from all of these sound signature is similar to V2.

But main advantage of V3 is its dual 9v battery (connected as 18 volts). This results in lesser distortion, more natural sound at medium to higher volume levels.


I personally do not search internet for any other amps so thank you for letting me know about the objective-2. I rely on buyers to inform me what is out there and also suggestions for improvements. Objective-2 is an op-amp based amplifier like mine. It seems good build but as I have not listened to one can not make much comments."



He also responded to my linking Voldemort's measurments to his because I was curious how his compared. I asked in gracious way, so he didn't see it as a challenge, of course. Again another gracious response:


"I am impressed with all of his measurments. I mean daetail of it. This inspired me now to do something similar.

The only thing I do not like about the amp is its layout. Components placement looks bit rough. I mean parts are all over the place. Although I have to also say this is only looks and may not limit the amp to perform good so will not take anything away.

Measurments I did for my amp are for my own reference. I can confirm that frequency-response (i.e bandwith) + slew rate(speed of response) + noise + background noise levels are all excellent.

Having said that my previous V2 was tested my sound-on-sound magazine (http://www.soundonsound.com/sos/aug11/articles/neco-soundlab.htm) which results were very good.

These amps are very simple and if you know where to place the components you can make them perform very good. I have more than 20 years of experience. This is mainly a hobby to me.


 What a great guy and great communication! As soon as my ebay bucks go live July 1, I'm ordering a V3.


(P.S. These were personal emails via ebay, so I think they're popular here but would hate to find Neco quoted in an O2 thread, etc.)

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Good stuff, imackler.


Neco was very polite and responsive through the entire process.. a great guy indeed.  I think you'll be very happy with the V3!

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Simple circuit, great sound. So tempting

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Originally Posted by musicbased View Post

lol, that picture makes me want one, even though i've already got one! biggrin.gif

Sound good don't they,i bet your glad you didn't go with the Matrix M now..I've got an E-dac arriving tomorrow and can't wait.

Better than christmas..tongue_smile.gif

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Actually I did get the m stage aswell!-Sounds really great with the K701 as everyone says,so very pleased.
The sound is quite different to the neco though so it's nice to have both.
Two very good amps!
The neco sounds amazing with er4s. Neco added a bass boost on my v2 for me, which turned the er4 into a whole new species!-I loved that combo,but after a while,I couldn't help feeling I was missing some detail,so I asked to change it back again..(which he did,for no charge I must add.)-Excellent service.
Perhaps I'm the reason he decided to make it user switchable! Lol. biggrin.gif
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Glad you are happy with the M stage as well.I got my edac today and am selling everything else....Marriage made in heaven.017.JPG

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A new dac is next on my list of things to buy ... That edac may be the one then! ...

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Certainly works very well with the V3,have been tapping my foot and headbanging like a 16 year old all day.Amazing detail allround.

Must tear the phones off soon before i hurt myself.tongue.gif

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Had my Neco V3 since November and by jiggery its still amazing.


Used in conjunction with my trusty HD 25 l- ll's it is pure pleasure every time I travel into work on the train and spark it up.


I can honestly say I never tire of listening to it. Even non ALAC/FLAC albums sound airy and involving.

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Still using neco's first v1 amp,been listening to my new he-400's today and still sounds great,looking at the specs of the v3,think I'll msg neco about one fully kitted,I'm certain it's a sure fire winner and sensible prices in the uk for a change!
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Originally Posted by wallace View Post

Glad you are happy with the M stage as well.I got my edac today and am selling everything else....Marriage made in heaven.017.JPG

It just seems to get better every day...Thought you all would like to know...o2smile.gif

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ODAC + NECO V.3 + Sennheiser HD580 = A MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN.


I can't tell you how beautiful this rig sounds.  We all know how well the HD580/600 scales with better sources and amps.. but synergy is often undervalued.  The ODAC is beautifully resolving and clean.. but the Neco really steals the show, IMO.


My V.3 has the 8610s & lithium battery.. and boy, does the HD580 love it.  A DEAD silent background, fantastic dynamic range.. and the artful Sennheiser sound.. on steroids!  Treble has spectacular air, crispness, and detail.. the mids are very very transparent and deep.. with the bass coming tight and punchy.  One thing I've really noticed the Senn benefits from is the V.3's dual opamp setup.. which provide fantastic channel separation, imaging, and soundstage.  It's so immersive.. I can listen to this setup for hours on end.  I like this little combo more than my desktop rig (via the tube or SS output!) and the ODAC+O2 (which is a little too clinical).  For those one the fence about this amp.. stop waffling.. it's a GEM.


I also dropped the gain jumpers in so I've got it set at low gain (2.3x) since it's being used with the ODAC (2 Vrms output).. the Neco it quite ably drives the HE-500, btw.  Very clean & dynamic, again.


Anyone done some opamp rolling with this guy yet?  The AD8610 is very neutral  to my ears.. just curious what else is out there.

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