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My DT880 / DT990 / T1 Comparison Video - Page 2

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You got it man.  Think of the size of onions.  That's the expression.


And, please do release more vids about cans and amps.

Originally Posted by Zombie_X View Post

Sorry but I'm unfamiliar about the slang "onions". Is that like saying I have balls? LOL sorry if that was not appropriate.


I plan on releasing more video's on headphones and amps in the future. Probably one a week or so.

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Great review/video, I hope to see more. I like the mmm part, I think is sweet : )

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Thanks Acix!!


So what do you guys want a video of next? I can cover each headphone individually if you guys want.

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very nice video Zombie_X, sorry only watched this now, the internet in my area was pretty slow the past few days. the t1 tutorial was much appreciated, and comparing them vs two headphones i have makes the description much more accurate!


hope to see more of these too 

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Glad you liked it! There aren't many videos out there like this.


If anyone is willing to let me borrow their headphones I can make a video with them as well.

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Nice video, good effort :)


Great initiative, hope to see more of such videos coming :D

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I'm going to do video reviews as well, but this week my next video will focus on the DT880.

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you should do a review on the WA2 youre going to buy... like now!

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When I have the money and space for the amp I will do that!! My desk is currently fully loaded.

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Originally Posted by MacedonianHero View Post

And it is nice putting faces with fellow members. Kind of brings the human element back into it.


Yeah... I don't think so. People have enough nightmares as it is. Puttin' my mug up there on the screen would really cause a lot of sleepless nights!   


Actually... great vid Zombie_X. Appreciate the time an thought put into it.

MH, yes, instead of all the avatars and handles that put a barrier up, something like this really personalizes a post.





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Anyone want to contribute a 600Ohm DT770 for the next video? Of course you'll get it back if you want to let me borrow it.

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 I was thinking these days about doing a review of my new gear compared to the old, and tought it would be so much easier to make a video than writing... and this is something I plan to do, but it will be in Portuguese, as English is not my native language.


 Good work! I think DT 880 has a little recessed midrange too.


 (Don't those guys at the background need a bigger cage?)

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The cage is actually pretty big, but the video makes it look small.

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Hi Zombie, do you provide headphone recables for T1?

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No I don't believe the T1 needs new cabling as the current cable is very very good quality.

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