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For you who have Ultrasone Edition 8

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For you who have Ultrasone Edition 8, I'd like to ask you whether you think they're worthy or not in term of SQ per bucks.

Becasue I can't found portable cans that range around ED8 do. If the ED8 aren't described as cosmetically expensive cans, I think I'd like to try them. (Sell SA5000 and Earmax SE and get the used one)


Thank you

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Since I decided to keep them I suppose I think they are worth it. Though I use them almost exclusively at home and despite they are the most uncomfortable headphones in my possession currently. To much clamping force on my protruding ears which means more thena few hours you definiatly feel them. Koss Porta Pro do really well as portables for my usage and I think my ipod touch 3G is a bad match for the ED 8.


As for SQ I like them due to their musicality and it´s soundstaging. There is just no comparison to the LCD-2 on any level technically. If we stick to closed I haven´t found it´s match even though the DX 1000 at it´s best moments is a bit LCD-2ish But anyway I haven´t found the ED 8 signature any cheaper so until then I will probably keep being happy with them. Ultrasone surely make uniques headphone. And it´s in a good way for me.

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it is true that with the edition 8 you are paying big bucks from some of the cosmetic goodies.

however, along with those you also get the longevity and durability inherent in the finer materials.


i think they are pretty special headphones.  they sound lively, fun, and unlike some of my headphones, they sound good from almost anything i plug them into.


if you are looking for a portable headphone that is closed, and sounds up to its price point, i would imagine the newly released T5p may be the bar-setter.  however, it is a bit bulkier...


otherwise, the edition 8, i imagine, is pretty hard to beat.

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I don't know about you guys, but I'd be afraid to wear a $1500 headphone while moving around... it just seems like a bad idea.

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Absolutely I do not want to wear ED8 and walk around.

It's just about changing positions.

I live at dorm and return home on weekends.

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When will the T5p be on the market?

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Whether they are worth the money or not, I think is very much up to the individual. You have to consider your personal taste in headphones and your current financial situation. I would never buy a headphone assuming that because headphone A cost five times headphone B, that it must be five times better. Despite their intention as a portable I will say that having briefly tried them with my ipod touch, they deserve and sound better with a amp & dac. I should add, I personally do not have any comfort issues with the headphone, but my ears do (just barely) fit inside the pads. 

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