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Gilmore X2 - coming......soon? with optional 24/96 Asynchronous USB DAC

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2002 - The original Gilmore Dynamic Headphone Amplifier (later known as the "Gilmore V1") was introduced.  This was a big change for headphone amps as it was one of the only discrete designs available and one of the first amps to ever be sold almost exclusively to Head-Fi members.

2003 - The Gilmore V2, which dramatically improved on the build quality of the Gilmore V1 with a professional quality enclosure.

2004 - Gilmore Lite. 

2005 - GS-1 using Gilmore module boards

2006 - GS-X (balanced) using Gilmore module boards


It's been about 4.5 years, and no new Gilmore designs for dynamic headphones from HeadAmp.  Why?  Because portables took over.  However, I believe there is still a place for desktop powered amplifiers; they just need to have the right features.


So...a significant update is coming, called the Gilmore X2.  In some ways, this is a replacement for the discontinued Gilmore Lite.  In other ways, it's an upgrade over all the other desktop amps I currently offer.


* Small size: 5.5" wide, 8" deep, and less than 2" tall.  Perfect to fit on what space is left on any desktop.

* Small detached power supply that can sit on the floor, keeping the transformer away from audio circuitry (low noise floor) and available for 100, 120, and 240V

* More IEM friendly: has 1/8" output in addition to 1/4" output jack

* Gain switch with 1x (unity) and 6x

* Alps Blue volume control

* 2 RCA inputs (switch on front)

* RCA pre-amp output with switch to enable/disable it

* Updated with surface mount components

* Blue Hawaii SE style and build quality


And the best new feature, an optional 24/96 Asynchronous USB DAC module will be available at a very reasonable price.  This is based on an Asynchronous USB design that was licensed by HeadAmp after commissioning custom modifications to meet our specs. 


I expect that the Gilmore X2 will be priced at $599 and the optional 24/96 Asynchronous USB DAC will add $299.

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Very nice!  This should be very exciting!

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word..this is going to be quite cool am sure. Look forward to pics and an opportunity to listen sometime Justin. 




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zomg, I want it already! My jaw fell on the floor from the description! It's exactly the kind of thing I've been looking for!!!


Damn you Justin for emptying my wallet since 2006....


/goes off to cancel pre-order for an Arcam rDac

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Oh my, when can we expect this little beast to come out? Also any concept pictures?


Damn and it's in blue hawaii styling? This will probably be one of the best combo's out there for the price.  I'm very interested!!!

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Brilliant news!! 

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Awesome. Can't wait to see some teasing pics.


With that optional 24/96 USB input, would that mean there will be an update for the Pico DAC? :P

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If this has better SQ than the GS-1, I'm getting it.



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OMFG I'm probably there :)

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Originally Posted by Shahrose View Post

If this has better SQ than the GS-1, I'm getting it.




I would be astounded if it has better SQ than the GS-1 but he said it would be an replacement for the gilmore lite and an upgrade in "other ways" than the current amps he has.  I'm not putting my hopes up that it'll sound better than the GS-1 but it's always a possibility right? ^_^*


Also we definitely need some teaser pictures ASAP.

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This sounds beautiful too bad it's a bit out of my budget at the moment. As a G Lite owner/fan, I'd love to hear how this amp does. Any estimate of a release date?

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You never know, it might sounds as good or even better than the GS-1.  Maybe, there will be a revision of the entire line up!

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Nice work, Justion.

Can't wait to know more!

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I want this. Bad. Absolutely cannot wait for pics.

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I'll probably get one because it's basically what I'm looking for: a high quality SS amp that punches well above its price point, Async USB DAC, and most of all a RCA pre amp function.  Can't wait to see pics since the BHSE is the nicest looking commercial amp I've seen.  Can you tell us what DAC chip you're using?

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