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Originally Posted by chippechanga View Post


Hello, i have now bought a pair of SR125, and since i’m just a poor fourteen year old school student, i bought them used, they came with the yellow sennheiser pads. 

So the first thing I wanted to change about these headphones, was the plastic housing.

I didn’t want to replace it I just wanted to change the look.

So firstly I opened the headphons,with the hairdryer method from “headwize the collected grado mods”. 


Grado mod for head-fi.jpg


Then I removed the plastic grills to replace them with some wire mesh. Last time I tried to remove the grills from a pair of grados, it didn’t turn out very well: The grills are glued to the housings with superglue, witch you can only dissolve with acetone, so I tried that and after it had loosened the glue it started to etch the housings pretty bad.

So i would try to use another method to loose the grills this time. Super glue does not melt by being heated by a hairdryer, but plastic does. So I heated the grill up and pushed it of, leaving only a thin layer plastic (like 0,1 mm) inside the housings.


Grado mod for head-fi 2.jpg

The next thing I did was to sand the housings flat I started with 60 and ended with 1200, I have an ideer of adding some details on the housings instead of the silver text, I’ltake that up in a later post.


Grado mod for head-fi 6.jpg


Now the headphones have a nice clean look but they’r far from finished.


grado mod for head-fi 7.jpg



The grill mod and the sanding mod is from Headwize.


And one thing more; I had the ideer of putting the earpads from Sony mdr xb 500 on my grados so i tried it, but since the grados sound horrible with these earpads (but were extremely comfortable) I just reversed the mod.

So now i have a pair of sony xb 500 for sale.


This is how they looked:


Grado mod for head-fi 5.jpg


Even if they DO sound terrible with the XB500 pads, they still look badass and comfortable as hell, however a pair of G-cush or L-cush pads wrapped in soft fabric, preferably wool, should be about as comfortable, and since it'd be more breathable, should yield decent sound quality. In addition, you could also try swapping out the stock air chamber with a wood or aluminum one and see where that takes you.

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Sorry didn't see your post until today, I have bought a set of G-cushions, and they are comfortable as hell. wink.gif

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looks comfy

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Originally Posted by chippechanga View Post

Pictures of my "redesigned" mod:



New and changed:

Aluminum cups

Glasblated finish 

Hinges instead of "sliding rods"

Detachable cable (two mono ports)

Fixed headbands (two bolts in each)

Much better hinges

Bought a slappa headphone case, I highly recomend them.


Unfortunately I screwed up one of the drivers and am now looking for a new pair of donor cans.



Thanks for inspiring me

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Fantastic work done!


I've always wanted a pair of Grados solely for modding. This thread helped me decide to go through with it.

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Chip the fact that you're doing this at the age of 14 is pretty cool. I'm guessing you've had some sort of exposure to engineering / manufacturing. I hope you go into some sort of engineering field (most likely mechanical). You're definitely inclined to work in the industry.

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