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Country tags

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In the FS/FT forums it would be nice to have a country tags instead of having to go to advanced search just filter out results from countries that are not Australia for instance. This should be rather easy to implement and make the FS/FT somewhat usable again. 

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The idea is nice and actually quite handy. I find it worse that some sellers are not clear about shipping/mailing destinations. 

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Supported. I think the running consensus is the whole for sale section needs some major re-vamping.

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Yeah, that sure would be nice.

It does require the seller to tick that (s)he ship to a set pattern of destinations of course.

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Sign me up on the petition!


It would save a lot of time not having to get your hopes up, click to read and end up finding "Only CONUS".


I understand that a tick box list of 190+ nations isn't an viable option but let's start with the big ones (CONUS, within EU, Asia et c) that are also important from tax point of view and not only shipping costs.


Needless to say "Shipping from" should be mandatory to fill in.



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