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Originally Posted by MomijiTMO View Post

I'd just wait, you still have the Soloist to get you through this.


Oh I'm using the Peak.  I might be overstating it.  Its perfect in what I'll call 'still listening'.  Its if I re-position and hit the cable against the desk or hit the mouse down or put my feet up that it'll buzz for the length of the event.  Tapping the centre of the case in front of the tube will make it happen too though that is normal I would think.

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My experience with the shuguangs is that they will just start misbehaving.
I have had three or four of them. They all crap out at some point.
But, they are remarkably detailed. Thus why i put up with such a delicate tube.
My rca gray glass, sylvanias, and many others, have never exhibited a problem.
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Shuguang Treasure is not too bright for Sennheiser HD800.  

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i think this also depends on source, interconnects, and many other things.


i think the shuguang can sound bright, depending on the rig, for sure...

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Now I'm hearing a slight rush/static in the bad boy tube as well. That's 2 Bt's and 1 NOS, all in the right channel. The left channels is pitch black. That's too much of a coincidence to be the tubes, isn't it? I'm wondering if something is wrong with my Peak. Maybe there's something wrong with the thing that I plug the tubes into (don't know its name). Very frustrating after getting used to such a silent background. Anyone have any thoughts before I contact Todd? Could it be the LCD-2's? I don't  currently have any other cans to test with. 

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Must be something structurally that puts the vibration path through that triode.  I ordered some dampers to see what happens.  Todd simply said, send it to Pete with a note ;)

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I'm sure the dampers will help.

On a side note, one of my minimax tubes went microphone the other night. I could hear, through my headphones, my fingers tapping the case. I tried scraping the case with my nail.... I don't recommend it :S. I finally understand!
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Now imagine that tapping sound when typing ;)

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Luckily my audio rig is not in the computer room smily_headphones1.gif.

I have a mechanical keyboard too so that would be farking annoying. I'm feeling for you buddy. I hope those dampers arrive sooner rather than later.
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Get a cheap pair of headphones to test your amp if you can't borrow one.
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Do you prefer RSA Dark Star more than Apex Peak ?

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i ran it thru my home theater amp as a pre-amp. Same static in the right channel. I guess that means it's the peak. I guess it's time to contact Todd

Originally Posted by Audio-Omega View Post

Get a cheap pair of headphones to test your amp if you can't borrow one.
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Static on a single channel could be the tube.

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That's what I thought, but it's 3 tubes now. 2 Shuguang BT's and a Sylvania Bad Boy NOS. However, further testing shows no sign of static yet with the Mullard CV181. I just got the bad boy and the second BT is used from Todd. Both were fine for a few hours and then it started. I guess I should start by cleaning all the pins now that it seems it's not the peak.

Originally Posted by Solude View Post

Static on a single channel could be the tube.

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I had Herbie's tube dampers for all Peak tubes. All they did was make the sound drier and a bit tighter. I don't know if it will help the microphonic problem some of you are having. Mine has no such problems, but I have had similar effects from dying or bad tubes.

It'd be best to send the amp to Pete. He does all repairs for free as far as I know...great customer service.


As for the Beta22 vs Peak comparison, I personally don't feel one beats the other by any great margin, despite my preference for the P/V. They're different. The Peak has more forward mids and is more liquid in that region. It doesn't round edges like the B22, and I think it renders treble better. The Beta is darker, with better bass presence and imaging. They both beautify the sound in different ways, but I find the Peak to be more involving usually.


...and I don't know who said the Shuguang Treasure is bright, but I strongly disagree. It's the darkest tube I've heard on the Peak. It's important to burn it in for 150+ hours. I had one NOS, and another used for about 300 hours and they sounded quite different. It was easy to distinguish between the two.


The other thing is, and someone already mentioned this, but I've found the CV181 Treasures to be fragile. 2 of my 3 Shuguangs had issues; the first started buzzing, and the second developed a channel imbalance.

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