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Firework Fi

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Hey any one have a favorite firework.

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The ones that fly and explode. Like the ones I brought back from my roadtrip to New Mexico.
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I used to like jumping jacks. Use to take them all apart and lite and throw them. Those were my highlight when I was a kid. Now there illegal and when you do buy them from the reservation they arent the same. They wussified them.

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Free ones. Fireworks are so expensive, I'll be glad to take any off of people.

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love good old ground blossoms that spin on the ground. Like the cheap helecopters that just spin up in the air. Basically I like the cheap little things

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Being that today is Chinese New Years, fireworks (namely firecrackers) are part of the celebration. Unfortunately where I live we don't allow the lighting of firecrackers publicly during Chinese New Years. Fireworks is one of the things I can spend lots of money on without hesitation. All of the fireworks I purchased this past New Years were of the illegal type. Namely large (Class B) display cakes. Some of the display cakes I purchased this past year had 200 shot 3" shells that had more than 3 minutes of burn time. Didn't purchase any individual shells this past year because I wanted to try something new and see what some of the large display cakes would look like. In the previous years I had purchased 3", 4", 6", 10", & 12" shells. They all look awesome when they burst in the air but they got really expensive in recent years. Plus I got tired of lugging around a launching tube for the shells.

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I just hope people took the time to get an ATF license if they are firing 1.3G display fireworksblink.gif

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Do these or these count ? no seriously, my favourite fireworks are those ridiculously loud sonic boom land mines.

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I like the ones that you get from chinatown and look like tiny heads of garlic

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Happy New Years! Got my fireworks and I'm good to go. Kaboom!



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