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Dolby Headphone Question - Sorry, i cannot find similar Thread

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Need solid answers from bright individials so i was recommended here.  I searched for similar tread topics but because so many hits come from the title "Dolby headphone", i lost patience on the 3rd page.


I have an ASUS HDAV and a Sennheiser HD650 powered by a Graham Slee Novo Headphone amplifier.  I watch movies, play games and listen to music (in order of preference).  I have had an Essence STX and before that a Xonar D2X.  I was introduced to Dolby Headphone technology when i got my paws on a Phillips 1505U Dolby Headphone base unit and wireless headphones (I still have this btw connected to my 360 and PS3 sharing a toslink splitter and using some crapy 20 bob headphones i got from Argos).


I have become somewhat attached to dolby headhone virtualisation since my primary PC use is for Movies so my soundcard decision is based on that (as well as quality components of course) - until a better virtualisation technology comes around that involves me not going anywhere near a creative chipset and/or their software, dolby headphone is what i will stick to.


Anyway i have been enjoying films in virtual surround for quite sometime and the fact that i can finally experience HD audio unmolested thanks to my PAP equiped HDAV is a high point for me and the reason i (grudgingly) got rid of the Essence STX.


I came accross some disturbing news somewhat when searching google that linked to a thread on headfi (I cannot for the life of me find the thread or remember what i was looking for that linked me to it).  Basically one of the replies stated that Dolby headphone does not work with sample frequencies above 48khz.


Is this true as i have tons of DVD-A in 24/96, a few 24/96 and 24/192 BD music and a collection of 24/192khz audio samples which if that was the case with the limitation mention would A) would not work or B) be resampled to 48khz is bloody depressing.  I have the Xonar and Windows Contrrol panel set to 192kz but i use Wasapi and ASIO as the Audio render device for my movie and music listening application (thanks to reclock and Foobars ASIO driver).


Is dolby headphone resampling high bitrate audio?


Any answers will be much appreciated



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why havent you mapped the 'sounds' or 'audio' to the rear channels to listen for a difference?


put the software and hardware into a 'locked' high bitrate mode and listen to the audio in regular stereo and take note.

then throw the software and hardware into 'virtualization' mode and use the software to purposefully map the audio to rear channels only (this will force the dolby headphone software to make itself 'useful' )

take note of any differences & your question should be answered to high degree.


96khz and 192khz sound different by the amount of 'black' or 'emptyness' or 'space'

basically admitting to a higher signal to noise ratio with 96khz and again with 192khz (digitally / not analogous)


funny that i just seen an ad that said 'no swearing on headfi'

but i swear everything posted.

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