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Best $300-400 Speaker setup with source as a computer

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Hey guys, I'm in need of some new speakers after my ancient speakers decided to go a couple weeks ago. I'm mostly going to be using these for music and maybe a movie every once in a while. The only audio hardware I currently own is my sound card, which is an Auzentech Prelude. And if it matters, I listen mainly to Punk rock. Some recommendations I've had are the Swan M200MkIIIs and the Audioengine A5s. Sorry if this has already been asked, but I tried searching and each question wasn't quite exactly what I was looking for. If it matters, I also live in Canada. Thanks! If anything is unclear, just ask. 

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those are probably the best two choices in that price range. I had the A5, but not the Swan's. from what I've been reading around the Swan's seems to win hands down. if you can find a dealer to audition them would be ideal, if not I'd say go for the Swan's 

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Okay, thanks. That's what I thought, but I was just making sure. Any ideas where the cheapest place to buy these is at?

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I'll look into those too. Thanks.

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Get the Swans. My experience with studio monitors on my own desk has been poor. Studio monitors are not warm or inviting to listen to in any way. They are cold, clinical tools for work.

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I'd say go with the A5's. I am a little bit biased towards them since I am trying to sell a pair... 

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AV123 has their ELT252m for a great price and you can get a class D amplifer to power them.  There is also a system from Tweak city  and both are within your price range adn produce great sound for the price.  If you want to go with a set of bookshelf speakers I would suggest using the Tweak city gizmo as it has an output for a dedicated subwoofer to add some low end to the monitors.


Good luck with your gear hunt.


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Thanks, is there any Canadian retailers that sell these speakers?

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No, you would have to order them from the companies so it may be pricey if you live in Canada for shipping.  That is just to give you an idea though, there are many great speaker around for reasonable amount of money.  Generally I would say avoid the "PC" type speakers...

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+1 on the Swans, I love my Diva 6.1's. They look much classier than most studio monitors.

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You can get the Audioengine's from Fulcrum Audio (here).


If you live in the Toronto area, you can get M-Audio monitors from Canada Computer.  They used to be talked about (the AV-40's I believe), but I am not sure how well regarded their monitors are these days.

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You can find M-Audio AV40s on sale for $100 if you look around.


A random Canadian site I stumbled across yesterday: http://grantfidelity.com/site/

they have a good sale right now and free shipping. I haven't heard much about them, but preliminary google searching seems positive.

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Another place you can look at is the Long & Mcquade, or any sort of music instrument store that has a pro audio/recording department.  They usually have a lot of monitors for you to take a look/listen, and I am sure if you find a model of a brand that they carry that they don't have in stock, they can order one for the store.

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Hey guys, sorry for taking so long to reply; I've been away. I was going to buy the swans, but they are a little too expensive, as they are coming from the US. I am now expanding my budget to 500$ CAD for a shipped set of speakers. Any suggestions? I might go with the A5's if there is nothing better.

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