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How to fix the Grado 'grattle.'

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For those who don't know, the Grado 'grattle' occurs when a 'hair' gets caught in the right or left headphone chamber resulting in something that sounds like in one of the drivers, sometime made most prominent by bass activity.


Recently a 'grattle' appeared in the right driver/chamber of my Grado RS-1 headphones. I tried 'blowing' on it - not wanting to blow to hard and damage anything. It went away for 30 seconds or so and came back. Not wanting to pay $100 to have maintenance done, I emailed Grado and asked them how to fix this.


They told me:


"Blow air in the chamber using a can of compressed air. Point it in the inner cup - the outer will have no effect."


This worked like a charm for me. For future reference, I thought I'd share this (though many of you probably already knew this solution.) Very thankful I didn't need to send in my RS-1's / nothing was wrong with them.

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Of course, if you're a damn longhaired hippie like myself, any grattle causing hairs can be easily seen and are too long to completely disappear past the driver cloth and can easily be plucked out.

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Just tried this and it did not get rid of my grattle :-(

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what do you mean by the inner cup? Like, take the foam off and point the blower toward the speaker that way? Or blow it from the outside grill in??

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