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iPhone 3GS and Shure SE210

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Hello all...been a very long time since I posted here, not that I posted that much to begin with.


So I have the iPhone 3GS and the Shure SE210 (which I wanted to replace but never did and maybe soon I will have to) that still work great but are slowly falling apart. 


Basically Im looking into getting the microphone attachment for the Shure. I was wondering if its worth buying. Im fairly happy with the SE210's even though they are falling apart from the outside but still work fine. 


Or should I invest in new in-ears with a mic? And if thats the case then Im looking for something that sounds great with metal and symphonic and ambient music too. Havent really done much searching on this yet, and I will but if anyone has any suggestions about good metal IEM's than go ahead and post. 


I have wanted new ones for a long time but again, I still do like the SE210's. 

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Update: Nevermind. This thread can be deleted probably. 


Long story short....make that very short, my Dad got me the Apple IEM's and I actually like them. Nice and comfy, isolate quite well, low microphonics. And the sound is quite good compared to the SE210's. Plus the microphone works well so Im happy with them for now. 


Now I dont have to spend my money on new headphones....for now.

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Originally Posted by FlyingFungus View Post  Or should I invest in new in-ears with a mic? 

1. Yes upgrade - newer is better.

2. How do you wear yours Poll:  View Post  

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I've also se210 and now I must replace them cause they are broken for second time. I search for a while for your exact music type you can read my thread here: 


head-fi guys help me a lot. At least I go for a new Panasonic HJE900. I'm waiting their arrive.

there you can see |joker| link with a complete iem comparison

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