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Humble college professor ehh? 

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^ I tort youse wrote good and wus pretty smart to. Wat r youse a compressor of muppetface?

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Me depressor of how you say umm..."grease monkey".  


Me wish me smart like dem.


In all seriousness, She is a professor in modern music.  I admire here capacity to understand modern music at an academic and cultural level.

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@muppetface you'd better try Weiss 202 with the ED10.

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Nope, no lottery winnings or anything exciting like that. I'm a humble college professor, but most of the funds I dedicate toward my hobby come from being a freelance translator on the side. As a result, there are periods (like now) when I can budget a fair amount toward it and other periods when I cannot.


Also, it helps being the sister (or brother) of another audiophile. My bro and I like to trade gear all the time, and sometimes we'll go half-and-half on certain things that interest us both. For instance, I was talking to him just the other night about splitting the cost of that upcoming Luxman DAC. Probably wont happen until next year though.

Nice. Wish my brother had gear for me to burrow!

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Nice. Wish my brother had gear for me to burrow!



Like a rabbit or groundhog, you want to store your audio gear deeply in the ground? 


I learned in boy scouts that was a good way to keep food fresh, just as long as you used lots of tin foil and baggies. 

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These things are freaking awesome sounding!  I can't stop listening tonight.


My WA6 can now drive these to acceptable levels, while the prototype sounded way too soft at max volume.  I'm listening to them with the volume at 2-3 o'clock, and while max volume with it isn't blasting or rocking it's louder than I want to listen right now in the middle of the night.  I still prefer them more out of my SAC amp or EF5 amp as they still like a lot of power, but a speaker amp isn't mandatory now and a WA6 isn't out of the question anymore.  I'm listening in my bedroom rig, and will try them on my ZDT in the basement rig later.  My RSA Protector balanced portable is still underpowered with them, but I can now get normal listening volumes just before clipping occurs - previously it was a joke trying the prototype with any kind of portable.  I have not tried any other portable amps, while my Protector is my most powerful one and the only one good with the HE-5 LE.  The HE-5 LE are still more efficient than HE-6, and the HD800/HF-2/LCD-2/LA7000 even more so.


I'll give them my mandatory burn-in, and report back on the sound in a review, with a sneak peek now.  So far out of the box they are very fast with good micro-detail, air ambience and space, with deep bass extension to 20Hz and up to the 16Khz limit of my 48 year old ears.  They are fantastic with low volume late night listening, and I don't need to crank them up to hear the bass.  Plus, timbre and tone are spot on and very transparent with pianos, unlike my LCD-2 which have pianos resonate in my ears.  They're like listening to my high end custom IEM but with a full size phone soundstage.  The soundstage is not as big as my HD800 but it's not small at all, and at least as big as my HD600 which are a little more intimate than my HD800 (some say the HD800 are too expansive, and artificially inflated, but I like it).  I still greatly enjoy my re-cabled HD800, and I'm not willing to rank the two right now (too early).  I need to spend some time playing with them, seeing how well they convey the big picture of the musical performances. 


They now have memory foam inside the headband where it contacts your head, and with the softer leather they are more comfortable resting on the head.  They're still going to feel big to people with small heads, same as the HE-5/5 LE, but at the smallest setting the fit is fine for me.  My main issue with them is that like my old Edition 9 headphones they are fingerprint magnets.  If you hold and adjust them by the arc and forks you can avoid getting fingerprints on them, but I found it was easier to just get them smudged right off the bat and not worry about it.








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Nice pictures will be looking forward to some comparisons against the LCD-2's.

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Congrats to the new can, and congrats to HiFiman for making a great planar magnetic headphone


Originally Posted by HeadphoneAddict View Post



These things are freaking awesome sounding!  I can't stop listening tonight.


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Dear Headphoneaddict,

   At what o'clock you need to use the HE6 with ZDT?

  Will ZDT drive the prototype adequately?   I have one ZDT with silver reference transformer.

   If it's OK I may ask Mr Fang to sell the prototype, do you think it is worth the purchase If I already have the HE6

(shipped today) because in the HE6 loaner program some members prefer the sound of the prototype.

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Looking forward to some further impressions Larry.

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Thread Starter 

Thanks for that Larry. The OP has been updated btw.

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Thanks for your impressions, Larry!


I just got a shipping notice from Head-Direct that mine have been shipped. Hopefully I'll be listening to them by next week, where my first order of business will be comparing them to the LCD-2.

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HeadphoneAddict, did you use Protector in balanced mode ?

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i like hifiman very much

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