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What did I just buy? 6DJ8/6AS7 Headphone amp on ebay... - Page 5  

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Originally Posted by d.g View Post

What's scary is that the seller obviously thinks he makes great tube amps 


You know what's scary, this guy isn't the only one building and selling potentially dangerous electronics. There's plenty out there just waiting to start a fire, or electrocute someone. 

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He had it back since Friday and the tracking showed this.  For some reason eBay took their time and I had to send a few messages to them pointing out that it was in fact delivered.  Until finally last night:


Thank you for writing eBay in regard to item #270553013841 (Audiophile 
tube Headphone Amp. 6DJ8 6922 6ES8 6AS7 6080). I understand it can be 
very frustrating to have to open case in the Resolution Center to get a 
problem resolved, but we truly appreciate your cooperation. 

I have good news! We were able to verify that the item was returned to 
your seller. So, I have closed the case in your favor! Our system will 
generate an automated email that says the same, but I wanted to take a 
few moments and explain our decision in further detail. 


We will be refunding you for the full amount of this transaction (the 
cost of the item and the original shipping to you). You should see the 
money in your PayPal account within 7 calendar days. If you do not have 
a PayPal account you'll simply need to open one with your registered 
eBay email address to claim the refund. 

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Great news. Did you receive your new amp yet?

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Yes!  Received the Phenix G3-T7 two days ago.  Doing some burn-in still but after 12+ hours it's sounding really nice.


Better than that piece of crap!!!!


I've posted some initial impressions on the Phenix thread.


I've also got a Bravo V.2 12AU7 on the way.  It was silly cheap!  I'm really wondering which I will like better.  I still like my little CMOY, so I think essentially putting a tube before a CMOY like the Bravo does might should pretty nice.

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Yay! A happy ending!

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Yes, happy ending. I hope your new amp continues to improve and ends up being totally satisfying. Hopefully no one else falls victim to that idiot's pitiful excuse of an amplifier. 


What's his ebay account name? I'm curious to see if he's still trying to sell time bombs.  

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And yes of course he is still selling amps.  It'll be interesting to see when he re-lists the one I bought.

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I just read his response to the justified feedback you left.. HILARIOUS!!! "Get away here, just play around and dont know how to use tube amp."  Boy O Boy, this guy is something else. He should have been a comedian.  

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I know, right??  I guess he had to put something there to try and mitigate the damage.  Thank goodness eBay made the anti-retaliatory-negative-feedback rule.

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It seems this guy is infallible...he has 4 negative feedback reports and his answer to all of the complaints is the same arrogant BS......3 of the 4  complaints were DOA amps/tuners of some kind with the 4th an arcy sparky failure LOL..


Sheesh what a tool.



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I read all of them too. The guy's a complete idiot. 

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Another neighbor saved by the gang. Good job mates.

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I actually filed a prohibited items report with eBay about this very item after reading about the OP's struggles; I can't stand this type of behavior by a seller, especially when it can put people's lives and homes at risk.


I e-mailed a detailed but short technical and objective explanation about why this type of flawed design is so dangerous and that it should not allowed to be sold on eBay as "new" gear. That is vintage gear can be offered under the pretext that it may not conform to current electrical and safety standards.


While I know eBay can't possibly investigate every case to their fullest extent due to the incredible amount of items being offered; I was quite dismayed that only hours after I filed my report I received this canned response. Which leads me to believe that not much time was invested on eBay's part to really evaluate the situation:


Thanks for reporting listing 270561315358 to us. 

I investigated this listing and found that it didn't violate policy. To 
protect the security and privacy of our members, I can't give you any 
more details about why I made this decision. 

In the future, try using the "Report item" link on the right side of the 
listing. It's the fastest and easiest way to report a listing. 

Thanks again for your report and also for your efforts in helping keep 
the eBay Community safe. 




eBay Customer Support 



Hopefully this guy will be out after a few more inevitable negative feedbacks but not soon enough in my opinion. And BTW I did use the "Report item" link on the right side of the page...



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I bet the ebay customer support personnel don't give a rat's ass as long as they get their money......They likely don't understand the technical side of the issue either. I'm glad the Op got his moeny back but feel sorry for the next sucker duped by this fellows dyslexic assemblies.



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This guy may be out sooner than we think; Check out the new listing for the same amp:




I have just filed another report about his very improper use of profanity; this will get you kicked of eBay almost faster than anything else. 


He may have just sealed his own fate!

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