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TAKET BAT-PURE - a casual and ultra tiny super tweeter

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Japanese manufacture TAKET is known by their unique heil driver headphones(TAKET-H2) in US market. However, here in Japan, they are primary known as a manufacture of super tweeter.
TakeT recently released a new product that is a unique ultra tiny super tweeter, called BATPURE. The size is literally a fingertip.


The price of BAT-PURE is also casual, only 5800 JPY a pair.
Here is the English TAKET page, check here for details and how to buy.

I hooked it up with my JohnBlue JB3 speaker. To install, there is a double-stick tape on the back side so easy to glue it down on the front surface of the speaker.

http://vaiopocket.up.seesaa.net/imag...thumbnail2.jpg http://vaiopocket.up.seesaa.net/imag...thumbnail2.jpg

I use Belden cable(450JPY/m) for the BATPURE. Install is easy, just connect the cable to the appropriate speaker post in parallel.


On first impression, I felt the sound is more crisper and clearer. As if I swapped the cables to one or two level higher one.
Second, I realized the music instruments now sounding more lifelike.

This change is notable and not subtle. To prove, I disengaged the BATPURE from the system. Soon I realized I miss something and the sound is now less sharp and somewhat muddy.. I never thought my system is muddy but in comparison it's obvious.

I was amazed by the fact that tiny accessory make this difference, very well worth the price.
I also think there is a synergy between the fullrange speaker and super tweeter. Super tweeters will not only enhance highs but also works over all the frequency spectrum include lower registers, by enhancing harmonic overtones.

I am using Vinnie's Signature30 as an speaker amp and my PC with DAL CardDeluxe as a transport. I use Nordost flatline as speaker cable.
Now the sound is crystal clear and well articulate, with realistically acoustic notes.
This is truly a killer!

Speaker manufactures also should check this out..
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I'll have to look into it, as I had been thinking of upgrading my tweeters, maybe to ribbons, though I can't complain about the sound. I would think Heil-driver headphones would have people raving on this forum. <sound of crickets>.

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I have been successfully using Batpure with my modded Denon D5000, and now I am going to install another pair into my newly purchased Ultrasone 900 pro. The supertweeter takes headphones to entirely another league. Of course, high resulution source is a must
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I managed to successfully install them into my Ultrasone 900 pro. Together with Jena recabling, it took Ultrasones to stratosphere.
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