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This is a big weekend for Head-Fi Meets around the world, and I wish I could have attended at least one of them, especially the "Storm Before The Jam" Meet in Florida, which is a mild preview (yeah, like our Florida Contingent does anything mildly) of the kind of hijinks, fun, and gear the very familial Florida Crew is arranging for us for the upcoming Can Jam '08, the 2008 International Head-Fi Meet taking place in Florida on May 3rd and 4th, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, at the Embassy Suites in Fort Lauderdale on 17th Street. There are three new products that I've been dying to listen to--the Meier Audio Corda HeadSix portable amp, the Ray Samuels Audio Predator prototype portable amp/USB DAC, and the HeadAmp Pico portable amp/DAC--and I know at least the latter two are making their debuts this weekend.

This was a true rehearsal for the upcoming Can Jam '08, with previous International Head-Fi Meet planners bringing their Big-Meet-Mojo and experience with them to Florida this weekend--both immtbiker (the lead coordinator of the very first International Head-Fi Meet in New York in 2006) and Voltron (the lead coordinator of the Second International Head-Fi Meet--HeadFest 2007) flew in for this "Storm Before The Jam."

I'm at a Halloween party right now, which, though fun, doesn't have a personal audio rig anywhere in sight (well, 'cept the portable one in my messenger bag, which I'm seriously considering using)--but the party throwers (good friends of ours) do have one heck of a home theater system, with what might be the best-resolving 10-foot screen I've ever seen (unfortunately, their amazing Barco is currently down, as they're in the midst of a major home renovation, so no video awe for me here tonight). At least there's some music I like being played out in the living room (Alice In Chains Unplugged) right now.

Like the rest of you, I'm eagerly awaiting reading the Meet impressions posts from the various Meets happening this weekend. I have a feeling I'll be indulging in some new Head-Fi product(s) for Christmas this season, and, given my listening lifestyle over this past year, I have a feeling anything I pick up for the holidays will be portable-audio-related (hence my great interest in the HeadSix, Predator and Pico).

I can’t wait to see those impressions flowing! (And I can't wait for Can Jam '08!)