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Vsonic R04 Overview

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Manufacturer Specs

-Type: Closed-end, high-dynamic
-Driver: 11mm CCAW Driver Unit
-Impedance: 24Ω +/- 10%
-Sensitivity: 105dB / 1mW
-Frequency Range: 10-24,000Hz
-Distortion: <= 1% @ 105dB
-Channel imbalance <= 5dB at 1 KHz
-Rated Input Power: 10mW
-Maximum Input Power: 50mW
-Plug: 3.5mm, straight, gold-plated
-Cord: 1.3 meters, y-type

For my first review on head-fi i'll be taking a look at the R04 Pro In Ear Monitor from Vsonic. These had been fairly elusive until recently as they had appeared all over chinese sites and forums but no word had been released to neighbouring countries.

I recently aqquired these through means of monitoring an ebay store that stocked the previously released r03 model.

*Cost of product was roughly $98 australian after shipping

Packaging and delivery
The headphones were recieved quickly and promptly. Took 5 days from hong kong to australia post which is faster then most stores ive bought from in that region.

The packaging itself is fairly plain yet its not flimsy or tacky. It is supposed to go with the cabling colour on the headphones themselves.


Unfortunately the package contents are to put nicely. I opened the box up and found a sparkling new headphones and......well an abundance of tips...thats it.

The tips included are:
-4 sets (S/M/M/L) silicone tips
-1 set foam tips
-1 set bi-flange tips
*Tips are reasonable quality and are not flimsy or weak*

Truthfully though im not as worried as others as im not particularly worried about a shirt clip or a case for the phones.

What i thought should have been included was a pair of ear guides as they are completely missing from the box. Apparently they are looking to fix this once they hit a international release date along with a list of a few other accesories.


Cabling seems adequate as it is made up a suprisingly thick high quality OFC cable that is encased in a sturdy translucent rubber coating. Its a nice feel compared to previous earphones that have thin and weak looking cabling.

The headphones feature a Y shaped cable splitter setup rather then J shaped cable splitter, also the gold plated jack at the end of the cable is right angled. It gives a bit more security when plugged into an mp3 player or phone as you are less likely to break off or bend the jack in the event of an accident or mishap occuring.


Sound Quality
The phones have a fairly even sound spectrum and dont seem to harsh in the treble. I initially thought that they were too top heavy in mid and were lacking bass. After a little more time spent burning in i was beginning to think that the phones were only suitable to vocals until i decided to change the tips from the M silicon tip to bi-flange. It made a huge difference.

I have listened to a variety of different forms of music. For a reference bands like pendulum, sonata arctica, poisonblack, foo fighters and some techno.

Everything seems where it should be now. These headphones are not bass heavy but do provide the required ammount for my taste after fiddling with the earphone tips.

I highly recommend the Vsonic r04 In Ear Monitors to anyone who is looking to buy a new set of IEM between $50-100 Range. These headphones are well worth the current price tag as they provide a reasonably even sound spectrum with punchy and crisp sound quality. They are also likely to last due to superb build quality and durability

Considering these IEM have a price tag of $80 i think they give solid performance when compared to some of the more expensive phones mention on head-fi. Even despite the lack of certain accessories


I highly recommend that you play around with different tips both from the packaging itself or recommended tips from other brands that provide a better fit. I also encourage you to find a pair of ear guides that will further improve cable microphonics
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Thanks for the review.
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will be updating with some pics in a day or two
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Loved the R02 II, it made such a great impression on me that I'll want to buy the R04 when it actually comes out.
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Can anyone tell me how it compares with Brainwavz m2?


Many thanks!

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