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Originally Posted by gerry123456 View Post

I recently received my T1s, also ordered from Boots (I used the Belfast store). Mine were ordered mid-November (I think the audiologist appointment was November 13) and took a little over 3 weeks, arriving on December 7. Sadly my order got messed up and I received the T1 Classic, i.e. the now-defunct monitor which comes without a replaceable cable.

I questioned ACS on what had gone wrong. Apparently Boots, Belfast used an old ACS order form and ACS simply made a set of the T1 Classic as Boots requested. They got me to immediately send back the incorrect monitors (which I did on December 11) for a rush replacement, scheduled to take 1 week. Fair play to ACS for taking ownership of the problem and not bouncing me back to Boots. That said, it's incredibly frustrating to wait 3 weeks, get one's new toy, then lose it again very shortly after it arrives. I did get to use them over the weekend though and they sounded pretty sweet, so I can't wait to get the new ones back!

Will post an update when I do get them.

That would be so hard to send them back even to get the right ones!
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Nice and to the point.

Pictures are really nicely done

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Really enjoyed the review Mark!
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Originally Posted by kryten123 View Post

Nice and to the point.

Pictures are really nicely done

Totally agree ... the macro shots are excellent. I've seen lots of shots of the monitors, but never so close up. Cheers

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Anyone have any burn in issues with their T1's?

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I'll tell you in a few days after they get here. Anything happening with yours, Mark?

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Bass was great, bass sucked, bass is great again?! (Same source same albums)

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Interesting....Ear sealed well? Keep us apprised!



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yeah...i kind of agree. I always felt my acs t1 as muddy and the high is recessed. I have done 3 refits, I don't actually like the sound signature very much. But everytime my pair came back from the refit, it sounds different....I mean pleasing to my ears with clear highs and good clarity overall(not muddy/veil). Then after awhile, it goes back to how it sounds. then later on my ear starts to feel the pain, i dislike the sound and I stopped listening...off for another refit

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That sucks....They got my custom moulds for the Etymotic hf3's spot on. I wear them easily 5+ hours per day and they seal great and are very comfortable. I am optimistic for the T1's since they are being done from the same stored impressions.

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My T1 are crystal clear, the bass was perfect to start off with then it was recessed in the mix, it is getting better again but not quite as good as straight out the box? My main observation is that they sound nothing like 90% of the reviews I have read describing a prominent bass and recessed highs, if anything I would say that currently the opposite is true. the mid upper ranges are perfectly rendered with exceptional imaging whereas the bottom end is slightly underrepresented. My left ear fits perfectly but my right, though it seals well, is not as snug but it is the same with my UE11, I may send them back for a refit? They really wipe the floor with the UE11, they are on another level.

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Glad they are taking out the competition.

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Before I sent my ACS T1 Classic back last Tuesday (because the wrong model was supplied - see my previous post on this thread for more on that subject), during the 100 or so hours of listen/burn in time, the sound signature changed a little each day. I consistently found the mids were the star of the show: extremely detailed and natural-sounding (to me) vocals. I hope my replacement T1s have this same sound signature, but they may not as I believe the T1 Live uses different componentry. I found the bass less beefy and detailed than I was hoping for, but still some ways better than the Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10s from which I was upgrading. The treble was solid, but as with the bass, it just simply wasn't up to the same standard as the mids. I hope my new T1s are a bit better in both those respects, though I think I will live with them no matter what because the alternative options (e.g. getting JH16s) don't appeal.


If you plan to spend a lot of time wearing them, I'd suggest sending them back to have the fit tweaked. From what I've read, ACS take great pride on getting the fit absolutely right. My ACS headphone sleeves had a very slight fit issue (similar to yours, one ear isn't quite the same as the other) which I chose to live with, rather than send back. In the short term, that wasn't a problem. However, over the longer term, the fit issue grated on me more as all I wanted to do was put them in and enjoy my music rather than having to be very exacting in how I put the one ear in. I therefore made a decision before ordering the T1s that no matter what, I would send them back if they weren't a perfect fit. Having had to send them back due to the incorrect model being supplied, I'd be loathe to send them back again, but I plan to wear them for 3-4 hours (maybe more) each day, so the fit is crucial. So if they ain't right this time, back they'll go again. But here's hoping they're perfect! :)

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Mine seem to have a suckout about 50-150/200hz and it's infuriating me! It may be a fit issue but I don't think so, even the 4S is better at this frequency.

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