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I have a little doubts regarding this mod. I've done "foam mod" sometime ago and I love it. I can hear noticable brighter and wider soundstage, however I'm not sure what exact result will I get while cuting out the iner grill. 

I listen classical, symphonic, opera, jazz, voice driven songs, sometimes some rock, country etc. I'm not a basshead, I love wide stage and bright characteristic. 

Does this mod makes sence in my case? 

I don't care about the change in look. 







OK, I did it, I plan to buy HD600 or similar anyway so I decided to go for this mod. 

And yeah, it's quite easy to perform and yeah, the plastic smells while cut with scissors. 

The sound did not changed a lot, the stage may be roomier and a bit brighter, but I noticed no bass loss, so it's good. The look is sweet though. 

I expected more of the influance on the sound, the foam mod changed a lot. This changed the look mostly. But it's worth anyway. 


Thanks for the tips. 

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