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How much freq. do you hear? (20-20000)

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I was making some test whit audacity to test my hearing capability and found that I cant hear more then 15hz - 15500hz. What is your experience?
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I recently followed a link to one of the online tone-test jobs - I couldn't hear above 17,000. Not sure how awful that is considering I am only 24.
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In my opinion that is dam good boy.
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An expert of this matter told me most people do not hear above 15K.
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Close to 22k =/

I wish it weren't true. Just think of how fun it would be if every time you went into a store with a security system, you hear deafening noise and get nauseous. Every time a car breaks next to you, you instinctively cringe away from the sound. If someone blows a dog whistle near you, it's worse than what I imagine hearing a gun shot would be for most people.

Worst of all? I need to spend a lot of $$ to make things sound good.
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Mr. 22khz aside, keep in mind that at-home testing will be quite dependent on your playback system. most common speakers and headphones (read: ibuds and stock logitech computer speakers) cannot reproduce adequate highs, so these tests are inconclusive. this is 10x as true for bass, where 15hz will pose quite a challenge to any system! of course almost no recorded music even goes this low (except the cannons in 1812, and a few others)

also, consider an ear-cleaning! I can hear up to 18k in my left ear, but my right sounded muffled for many years, and topped off at 14.5k. once my primary care physician removed enough wax to rival the mass of a golfball, I was amazed to discover that my right ear is indeed just as sensitive as my left
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Originally Posted by GWorlDofSPACE View Post
An expert of this matter told me most people do not hear above 15K.
my audiologist mentioned 16k to me, but I suppose it probably depends on which journals they read
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I hear some very thin sound at 21khz and clear sound at 20. Bass is kinda harder because I have a hard time telling 'sound' and 'pressure' apart in frequencies near to 20hz. (not to mention headphones have a hard time producing those)
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Well that is bizarre.
I was listening to sine waves.

The limit that I could hear was 17 kHz.
Nothing from 18 ar 19 kHz, but strangely I've heard 20kHz.
Really, really interesting, or maybe those waves are corrupted
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This is just amazing 20-21K.
I will try the whole spectrum from 16K above to see if I missed something. Or maybe I should get cleaned my ears by an professional.
Older you are less you hear.
If you hear 16K its so high can t even imagine how would 30 or 44K or 192K sound like.
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Its really funny. After I played above 16100hz I could hear the freq. up to 18K. So I am missing 15500-16100. Also I hear a tin sound around 20K.
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Now that I'm 40 years old, I find that I have trouble reliably hearing frequencies above 16000 Hz.

When I was much younger, around 20 years old, I could hear up to 17500 Hz.

Fortunately, 99% of all musical instruments produce frequencies at 15000 Hz or below.
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15-20hz & 16-19khz depending on the speaker/headphone & source audio. From what I can recall most hearing tests don't bother with high frequencies above 15khz, the reasoning being that if you can hear those tones, you don't have any significant (non-age-related) hearing damage.
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I can't hear anything past 20khz. Not like that matters since anything above 16 is very irritating.
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I'm 55, but luckily I can still hear up to about 16KHz.
Pretty amazing considering how many live (and loud) shows I've been to in my life.
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