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Posted a question to the headphone forum but maybe it's more appropriate here:

I plan to upgrade my IEM to HD650. Listen to various type of music but mainly classical, instrumental music and some vocals. Currently I'm using squeezebox classic as source and most of my music are FLAC on a NAS server.

Initial thoughts are doing: squeezebox -> analogue line out -> little dot MK III -> HD650. What I'm not sure is how the internal DAC perform and will it become bottleneck ? From reading reviews, the DAC inside squeezebox is not to be thrilled about.

The alternative is to forget about squeezebox and just access my FLAC on server with a mac (imac). For that I would guess that I need an external USB DAC (e.g., uDAC), so doing imac -> uDAC -> LD MKIII -> HD650. The trouble with this setup is how to access FLAC on mac and I hate to do a conversion of library.

Wonder if anyone can share your thoughts on the two setup and which one gives the best sound quality.