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There is no manual or whatsoever coming with RKV.

Mr. Becker wrote me before that MKII and MKIII were exactly the same save extra muting circuit. The power supply may be bigger but the specification is the same. I used to have pop with now Al's RKV, but after changing the PS caps to something better but still inexpensive like Panasonics (not sure what my friend did), the pop disappears. That's why I urge people to scoop MKII cheap while still can. In addition, the blue PS caps in MKIII simply destroy the harmonic color combo of black and red in MK II.

Dusty, don't worry about biasing as its auto-biased (nice!). Just make sure you plug a matched pair in one channel as it's PP design.
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Originally posted by templeboy
In addition, the blue PS caps in MKIII simply destroy the harmonic color combo of black and red in MK II.
Uh-oh...oh, wait a minute, you didn't really mean "harmonic", you meant the color scheme of the internal...well, I have a blue Clou, so it kinda matches, but yeah, it is pretty "loud", innit?
Dusty, don't worry about biasing as its auto-biased (nice!).
Yeah, I figured that out...eventually...and yes, indeed, it is nice, but biasing is actually kind of fun.
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Like I said I have the second one and I think this amp looks awesome. With the glass top and glowing tubes it get's me excited just looking at it.
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End of 2013, our range of headphone amplifiers will be extended by RKV Mark 3. Base is the concept of the RKV also in the new developments.
And there he is now - the long-awaited RKV Mark 3 - in a whole new design - double power output, fantastic, proven innovative technology and equipped with transformers for best matching the best headphones and speakers imedances ...
The RKV Mark 2 or new RKV Mark 3.
It`s your choice!


Helmut Becker, COE - AudioValve

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it became reality :)


Audiovalve RKV mark III



link (french forum) : http://www.homecinema-fr.com/forum/post177800601.html#p177800601

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To relativize the price of this amplifier, the RKV tubes are very cheap (compared to the Electra): 75 euros per set of 4 ; so count 150 euros for eight 805 PCL tubes for RKV mk III amp (against four 805 PCL tubes for the RKV mk II amp).

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the work is done

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For direct use with an Stax headphone, it only needs a headphone Stax female connector with 5 Slots (from left to right : R-, L-, L +, R +, Bias) with an integrated Bias voltage generator of 580 volts DC on the 5th Slot connector, and a direct connection of the headphones Stax on the R-, L -, L + R + symmetrical output of the amplifier, with a gain of the amplifier at less of 30 to 35 dB (instead of 23 dB) to obtain an exit output voltage  80-100 Volts RMS and with a slew rate of 80 to 100 V / us. 

 In this case then we will have an universal amplifier capable to drive as a of high performance speakers (8 ohms), as an 16 Ohms headphone (via impedancer) as an 300 or 600 ohms headphone (in OTL mode without impedancer), finally, as an Stax headphone (such as SR 009) in direct connection OTL (no transformers), but with use an integrated Bias Voltage generator (580 volts DC) on the fifth pin of the headphone Stax.


In short, this could be the perfect universal amp!








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Is RKV III a fully balanced tube amp?

Its design looks similar to Little Dot MK6/8. LD MK6/8 use OCL circuit. Theoretically, it's superior to OTL circuit. 

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I have a audio valve rkv3. U know what? That is totally a ****ttttttttt! When u listen to music to use this ****, u are not listening the music, u r listening the **** and the noisy. I ship this back to factory and they say it is good and no problem with it. Also, they say I have problem. wtf. Do not buy it. NEVER EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

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email quote: go ****urself for rkv3. that **** full of noisy and ur company dare to say it was ok! lol **** u, jacson


Dear Sir
I`m sorry to hear that you are having some problems with our
headphoneamplifier the RKV Mark 3.
Although it is hard for me to understand your mail, the way you are
descibing the fault, and your behaviour in using your words....this is
not the way to talk to a Lady, and nobody in my export business - now
over 20 years - has done so before.
I do expect more respect and more details, if you are able to do so.
First I do have to know when and where you have bought this amp, the
best you sent to me the serial number, which is shown on the rear side.
Since when does the fault shows up...have you sent it somewhere to be
repaired, as you never sent it directly to our company, so you can`t
come up with the statement, that we said it was OK.
Waiting for your responce
Mrs. Heike Imort
AudioValve - export manager
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