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Etymotic ER-4P Comfort? - Page 2

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pair the etymotic er-4s with a good amp and they are in my mind the best combo out there....i have or have had almost all universals and I still use my shure and westones but when I want to do some serious listening I always fall back to my er-4s

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There are several foam tips to choose from.


There are 3 official tips from Ety. http://www.etymotic.com/ephp/er4-acc.html

The small beige, the medium black and the large yellow

er38_14a.png er38_14f.png er38_14c.png


2 from Shure (the ones for the E3c will fit) http://www.shure.com/americas/products/accessories/earphones-headphones/sleeves/index.htm

The very popular black "olives" (small, medium and large) and yellow (one size fits all)

shure-pa910-black-foam-sleeves-for-shure-se-earphones-size-large.jpg EAYLF1_200.jpg


2 from Futuresonics

Black (small and large) and beige (large only)

FutureSonicsComfortFitFoamLGBlack.jpg Accessories_ComfortFit_0153_Replacement_Foam_Sleeves_Large.jpg


And the Complys: http://www.complyfoam.com/categories/Brand/Etymotic-Research/ER%252d4-microPro%E2%84%A2-4P/

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