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Thanks! I ordered a pair at a fantastic price from Frogbeats as I live in Sweden and save about $30 by doing it this way. Really looking forward to the experience and thank you for the great review. I want a fairly tough out of the box ieb for daily use and usually spend $100+ but when you get through 2 pairs a year you realise it adds up to a lot of money very fast. rolleyes.gif

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Got a pair of these last week mainly for gym/running.  Couldn't bear the sound at first as all the round tips gave really shrill highs to the point of being unlistenable.  Almost gave up on them before trying the largest triple flange tip today and I finally see what all the reviews are saying.  Great lows, highs are still a little on the shrill side though.  Good for House/Techno/Drum and Bass that I listen to almost exclusively while running.


Ordered some Comply T-500's so hopefully they tame the high-end a bit while providing more comfort.  Kinda silly spending $15 on tips for $16 phones but I think it will be worth it.

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Just picked up a pair of these and quite like them - great for detailed crisp electronic music - but find the recessed mids to be too light for tracks with lots of vocals - although some light equalising could help there.


Definitely need the triple flange tips too - as mentioned above the bass and highs get out of control with the small tips - still for the price I can't really complain - much better detail than the sennheisers that they're replacing.

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How are they for jogging ? Which are more beautifull clear/black/ maroon ?

Dude, for me these are great for jogging. They fit so well and the memory wires hooking around the ears stabilize alot of the cord's movement while jogging.


They are very light and don't have a chunky Y splitter like some other models. Also they seem fairly sealed so don't have to worry that much about sweat erosion over time.


And for 10-15 USD, you are not looking at big damages here.


Remember to use the y splitter's cord synch device, takes away alot of the mircophonics.




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Just purchased these off Newegg this morning for $18 CAD after doing some research and would like to show my appreciation for this thread.


I will be sure to share my experience after I have received it in the mail and done a thorough burn-in.

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I had a set of these in black.  Worked great.  Very light and powerful for what they were.

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Personally, I think the bass is just too overwhelming, too V-shaped to my liking but it's still a pretty good IEM for the price

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I love the M9s, but these are hard to fit...

It's either not enough isolation or the tips get pinched and I can't hear anything

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Originally Posted by GarageBoy View Post

I love the M9s, but these are hard to fit...

It's either not enough isolation or the tips get pinched and I can't hear anything

I really got a lovely fit with my MEE M6... depends on the ears I guess

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I've had the m6 for quite some time now but threw them on the bookshelf after first impressions. I have the microphone version (m6p) and there was a problem with the mic line bleeding into the audio line. I had to open the mic housing and place an insert between wires so they wouldn't touch. The housing broken so its held in place with electrical tape now. It was a horrible first impression to the m6.


At first impression, I thought the highs were going to make my ears bleed. I should note that I like to listen to my music fairly loud. I have a 5th gen ipod video and mostly listen to electronic, hiphop, rnb, with a side of acoustic and indie. The bass was fantastically tight, the mids seemed somewhat recessed, but the highs were shrill.


After a year, I decided to give it another try. After burning in for >100hrs, the sound definitely seemed more balanced but something still didn't feel right.


I replaced the tips easily with sony hybrid tips and what a difference! The highs were perfect, the bass was still tight and mids seemed more controlled. They are 10x more comfortable and i don't have to constantly play with them in my ear to get a good fit. I've tried shure foams tips but I believe foam tips are a pain to use for an on-the-go use.


so for anyone who reads these, USE DIFFERENT TIPS if you're not getting a good fit.

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I received my pair within 48 hours of purchase, so firstly let me give a shout out to Newegg for their amazing speed.

The biggest issue with the MEElectronics M6 is that its first impressions make it underrated and disliked by the uninformed few. Yes the bass is very boomy at first, but a burn-in is a MUST for this pair. I have been burning-in these earphones with pink noise for about 24 hours now and they are really starting to impress.


At first I was afraid that I got scammed because they sounded worse than my broken Skullcandy 11mm Full Metal Jacket (haters ganna hate), but then I realized the tri-flange buds just didn't fit me properly; I now use the bi-flange buds. Now that the bass has mellowed I am starting to hear the treble and vocals clearly. These are close to par with my studio Sony MDR 7506 headphones but the M6 has more bass and isolation which I prefer, but also some distortion at higher decibels.


As mentioned many times before in this thread and other reviews, the M6 provides a nice sound stage and a sort of surround sound which makes the audio sound aligned. The highs and lows are easily distinguishable.


The wire feels a bit too short and tangles easily, but it's a good trade off for the build quality to reduce wire strain. I will typically be using these earphones for 1 - 4 hours per day and the buds will only begin to irritate if you fidget with them. They come with a bunch of different sized buds so you shouldn't worry about the fit if you're considering to buy these.


The shirt clip requires a small bend with a flathead if you wish to remove it without damaging the wire housing. 


It may not be the right earphones for everyone, if you're looking for overhyped bass then look towards Bose (not worth the cost price) or something else, but I think the M6 provides more than enough bass and good sounding quality for the price you're paying.

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Great review man, I just picked up a pair of these. I agree the bass is great and the highs are also nice. Really comfy and great for workouts.

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thanks for the help

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Was thinking about getting the meelectronics sports earbuds for around 30$. I've always had a comfort/ staying in problem with the in ear buds. These headphones a good idea?
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fit can be quite personal but the M6 should do very well with their over ear and guide wire.


for the money im not sure there is anything else that offers the same

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