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Originally Posted by El_Doug View Post

it was only a matter of time for this classic to get bumped :) 

LOL! ya i was thinking the same.  i was forced to read through almost the whole thing again.

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“What this means is that for each year the MP3 sits on your hard drive, it will lose roughly 12kbps, assuming you have SATA – it’s about 15kbps on IDE, but only 7kbps on SCSI, due to rotational velocidensity. ”







So, every year the MP3 will be losing data? Like sand?

Let's take a try, put a 64kbps MP3 on your hard disk, let's find one oldest IDE hard drive, and put it their for like 5years, this MP3 data file will be dissappeared?? What a crazy thought!

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Regarding digital dust: The reason this happens is that as a portion of the disk travels under the head, the top of the bit is actually scraped off. Over time, this results in decreased fidelity. I have been working on a carbide tipped bit for use in newer drives that are resistant to this kind of degradation. Simple yet ingenious. Retrofitting drives to use this technology involved hooking the drive up to two pumps, one to suck out the old bits, and the other to force the new bits onto the drive platters. I was able to upgrade a 1 TB drive in about 7 minutes. I'll let you all know when it is ready for commercial purchase, but it should be around Q3 2010.

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this cracked me up :)

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velocidensity is now on encyclopediadramatica under FLAC

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bump cause SD told me to

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Wow. Way to useless thread resurrection.

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The thread started obviously has been drinking too much cheap Pabst Blue Ribbon beer, all of that rice in there fries the brain........The moral of the story is "Drink good beer"!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Definitely Blue Ribbon Beer

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Hi everybody, I've hardly ever visited this section of the forum,


the fact it's that I've written this kind of guide 




having never read anything clear over the "which-format-is-better" topic.


But I don't think I posted it in the wrong section... Do you?



So... That's what I think about this topic, feedbacks are welcome...

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