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Originally Posted by BradJudy View Post
I'm curious why you think a DSLR would be a better choice with that criteria (particularly coupled with the travel use)? Isn't the point of the E-P1 to have a larger sensor and (potentially) better lenses in a compact package?

I found a local shop expecting them in soon, so I'll be able to check it out side-by-side with some DSLRs.
That's why I mentioned that it was not portable, so it really depends on how much can you put up with carrying a larger camera gear when you travelling.
I think it also depends on what lenses you are planning to get with the DSLR (if you decide to go that way).
Like for me, I know at least from what the micro 4/3 currently offers, it still can't replace what I like about DSLR. I like to use something like 85mm 1.4, which is not available if you use EP1. (also not sure about their macro offerings too)

But I guess if you are into wide angle / more DOF style, then I think even EP-1's stock zoom lens is a great substitute for a something like a D90+18-70mm.

Back to EP-1, no, it's no way a pocket camera unless you are wearing like MC Hammer style of trousers. Even with LX3 (which is smaller than EP1), I don't find it comfortable to put it in my coat pocket. EP1 is more like a shoulder/neck camera that always stick with you, but definitely doesn't really fit into pockets.

Yes you can manually shoot with this camera (the M dial is on top), but from the short time I played with it, I was still a bit confused with which control is where. But I'm pretty sure if you own it for awhile, it shouldn't be any problem.

If I were to get this, I would also get the leather half-case because I think grip-wise, it can benefit from a bit more "grabby" material.

Focusing speed wise, I really had no problem with the speed. Not fast like an pro AFS but it's fast enough for general purpose. It's at least much faster than P&S that's for sure.
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Thanks for the thoughts. I want to step up the potential in my pics, but have always balked at the bulk of moving to a DSLR for traveling. I usually don't carry a backpack when walking around on vacation (unless I'm hiking), but I don't mind a camera around my neck/shoulder. When I was in Prague in Nov, I carried both my Canon A630 and a Canonet 19 for film most days. That was a bit annoying at times, but doable. The Canonet is a rangefinder with a 45mm f1.9 lens and it worked well for most situations, so I think I could get away with a pancake on the E-P1 a lot of the time, but I know there will be some situations where a zoom would be nice.

I like doing macro sometimes too, but that would almost entirely be around town rather than traveling.

In terms of lens options, it sounds like an adapter to use regular 4/3 or OM would be needed if I wanted flexibility right away.

I may know right away which direction I want to go when I can handle them side-by-side.
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Originally Posted by dj_mocok View Post
I don't know how you can link this camera to L1, it's completely different camera.
you missed my point. they are not similar cams but the 'early demo POC' is the same in them both.

the ep1 won't sell well. it will sell but it won't set any sales records. only early adopters will grab it (like the l1). the rest of us will wait until the n+1 version comes out, which I bet will have listened to market feedback and will have done the right thing (added the missing bits that this one left out).
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You don't get it. Olympus isn't trying to reinvent the camera, make record sales, etc. It's trying to fill a void for a niche market, in particular the street photography market.

"the rest of us" you speak of are the individuals still hopelessly dreaming for something ridiculous like a compact full frame 24-70 f2 digital camera. You guys can do that. I'm gonna go have fun taking pictures.
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Originally Posted by linuxworks View Post

the ep1 won't sell well.
We shall see in a few months' time
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Olympus Photo Safari Group - E-P1 Team Review

There are some good Q&A there.
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Originally Posted by dj_mocok View Post
We shall see in a few months' time
and even more, *after* the initial rush is over.

certainly, new 'have to have it' buyers will grab theirs.

what I care about is the steady-state sales. that shows what the model is really going to do.

I can't see that many people really getting into this unless they have a lot of extra cash or are just looking for a fun new toy. and it does look fun! but useful for a lot of buyers? that remains to be seen.
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Yes we got your point already. You think it's too rushed and you're pessimistic in the whole digital PEN idea and you think it won't make that much sales. As I mentioned before, we just need to see what the owners are saying about their EP1s in a few months time.

I thought the title of the thread was "Who here is tempted by EP1", not "Who here wants to bash EP1" thread?

By the way, there is no such thing as steady state sales in digital camera world. New model is coming out once or twice a year, competitors come up with new feature/product all the time too. As soon as they finished the EP1 official release, I bet you all the people are now back in working their EP2 prototype, or technology, of whatever it is they are working on.
Not all thing "first gen" is crap. Most of them are good for the time they serve the owners until they replaced the cameras with the newer generation ones.

I tell you this EP1 from Olympus just put Oly back to where it used to be a few years ago - creating something different. There were 2 things from Oly that impresses and make me excited the most - this EP1 and not since they introduced the 8080WZ many years ago. I am still quite impressed by that camera even now.

You wanna see what rushed is? Go watch Transformers II.

I wonder if you actually read the many reviews/impressions of EP1 at all. If you did read it, didn't it come across your mind why that there are so many people in love with this camera as soon as they experienced it? So you think all of them are just fanboys / "gotta have everything new" type of mobs?

But at least you got one thing right there - you mentioned that it's just a "fun new toy". Yes this camera is one hell of a fun camera to use. I take pictures because it's my hobby and it is important for me to have a camera that I enjoy taking pictures with. So therefore fun factor is very important for me. It's a hobby, not a day job, so fun is good.
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Originally Posted by dj_mocok View Post
But at least you got one thing right there
I'm so glad I have your approval. I live for it.

(rolls eyes)
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