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new case and powersupply are nearly finished
Shall add photos later
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Originally Posted by josep View Post

If you plan to get rid of the small original box, or want to 'get serious', first thing to do is change the PS: remember you are still using the -V analog rail created by the two DC-DC switching converters, and this is FAR worse for sound than 78xx regulators and so on. A completely redone PS with +-12 (or 15)V and +5V rails is the way to go.

Unless you want to keep it 'logical', and inside the original box. Then you are almost done, Spore too but you have to try some non-elco caps on output as Dutchamps suggest . And as he said, unless you are using a passive or strange preamp, you can be done with not much uF so that they get inside.

Miguel, nice to see you around here
Josep (aka Azazel)
Totally concur with this statement. A dedicated high quality PSU will make a huge difference.

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New PS with Superteddyreg

So, finally i have little more time and i did the new power supply for vdac. I went the easier way (i am not making the new +-12v and +-5v to connect it directly inside), i just did one possibly best external ps.

1. Nice toroid 80VA 15VAC
2. Rectifier with four MUR 860 Onsemi diodes left from chipamp project
3. One Rubycon 6800uf/25V cap
4. One Superteddyreg

SuperTeddyReg high end voltage regulator

adjusted at 12V, but i have to try 12,8 because this was the original voltage off the original ps (according to somebody on this forum) when connected to vdac. Teddy reg is adjustable, so i can try IMHO best ingoing voltage.

The stereo imaging became absolutly stable, very deep well controlled bass appeared, many details from background appeared. There is more blackness and i want to hear more and more music.

I will try to post some pics later.
Now i have to make some changes inside.
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The stereo imaging became absolutly stable, very deep well controlled bass appeared, many details from background appeared. There is more blackness and i want to hear more and more music.

Thats why i made the PSU
But i need to adjust the voltage, not finished yet

Good work
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Interesting - i wanted to set the voltage of my new ps for the vdac, so first i measured the voltage of the original ps. Original ps is delivering 19,1 V dc without load and 15.12V when it is connected to vdac. I measured on the pcb dircetly under ps plug. Does anybody know to which voltage should i set my new ps ? I can adjust it, but i am little afraid to set it to 15V. It is stabilzed 15 V and not "not stabilzed" 15 V from original walwart ps. ???

When i set it to 12,1 V then the sound is very good, but little lacking impact, when it is higher, than i have impression, that the sound is more involving, but also more "hard". Does anybody has experimented with ps voltage ? Little confused ...
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(Maybe) stupid question, but I'm a total newbie to the modding thing (I know how to solder though ): can any of you, dear modders, point the capacitors/opamps that are most crucial, ie. the ones which will provide most significant improvements when changed. I do not want to spend hours on basically rebuilding the V-DAC, I just want to see whether small changes will make reasonable improvement.

So, from what I understood from this and the big-v-dac-thread, these are the main changes that can be introduced:
- changing of opamps IC5 and IC7
- changing the caps marked on the picture below:
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Morph, the changes you shown looks good. In addition, you can also try to change the two little brown caps beside the blue relay RY12W-k. They are in the output signal path and wil have an impact.

Also depending on your opamp, it may be good idea to bypass the opamp by connecting a small ceramic cap for V+, V- to ground.

I did a bypass for the opamp LME49860 at IC7 that I am using and am pleased with the results. Unfortunately I did not take photos at that time. I have been enjoying my system and have not log in to check out the thread as I thought it had slowly died off.

Do try out and post your results here
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These are not my changes, this is one of the pictures from this thread used just to ask .

Thanks for the info spore!
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I am currently using the V-Dac with a power supply I built. I'm very happy with it so far.

I hate to ask...... but..... would any benefits be gained by changing just the two IC's? Or do some of the caps need to be change in combination with the IC's to gain any benefits?

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There will be benefits by changing the two ic although I cant coment more as I changed both ic and caps. you get better results changing both caps and ic.

Currently I have just picked up a benchmark dac 1 (non usb) and is still burning in my new interconect.

On first impressions, the dac 1 soundstage width and depth is smaller that the modded vdac. The dac 1 also sound more clear, cold and clinical while the modded vdac is a warm sounding musical dac with rich harmonics and details. The modded vdac sounded very good with jazz, vocals and all cds sound good.

For the benchmark, you can hear the difference between a bad recording and a god recording. It in unforgiving of source. Benchmark imaging is excellent. Both the modded vdac and benchmark have good details though.

Benchmark is faster while the vdac is slower. Benchmark has a different style of presentation (sense of space) and clarity has improved (because it is cold and clinical). Some may not like the benchmark sound as you may find the sound too cold. For me, i think both dacs are great and depending on taste and budget, system synergy, both dacs are a good choice. However, I am using benchmark in my main rig and keeping my modded vdac as a spare and for usb sources.
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