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High Capacity Player

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Been away for far too long and return looking for a player recommendation. I currently have a older Cowon D2 8Gb (16SDHC) and it has been pretty good to me. I like its sound, small size, and sweet as hell battery. However, even if I shelled out for a new 32SDHC card, I wouldn't have quite the storage I want. I am wondering if all the hate on the new iPod Classic (6th Gen) for its bad sound is true or if its the right choice. Having tried a ton of other players (Zune=GODAWFUL software), Archos 604 (Battery was useless), (iPod 3G 15GB - probably the best I ever had in retrospect), and of course the Cowon I sadly want to go back to the iPod. Anything new out there (other than that rather pricy highend one with all the buzz this week) i should be looking at? Thanks for all the help.
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Grab a refurbished 80GB 5.5G iPod. Compared to the D2 it's less articulate but less harsh on the highs and has much better bass extension. With stock Apple firmware it's a bit bass light and anemic for my tastes and can't be EQed without clipping but once you install rockbox that can all easily be fixed.

I've heard some people even prefer the 6G sound. From memory back when I was looking it up, the conclusion seemed to be the 5G and down are more articulate, but the 6G has a wider soundstage but don't quote me on that. Anyway I ended up getting the 5.5G based on the ability to use rockbox primarily and the fact that it can easily be opened up, and upgraded or repaired, while the 6G is purposely locked with clips so you have to send it back to Apple or either risk damaging it while opening it yourself or through a 3rd party company.
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yeah I recommend getting a 5.5G and installing a 240gb drive in it. and if you are handy with a soldering iron, the DIYMOD is not overly hard once you work up the balls. the 6G is a little lifeless IMO. very low noise floor and solid bass performance, but not at all natural sounding, which is my favourite thing about the 5.5G. other than that you could get an old iriver and run it via optical to a D10 or similar external dac/amp; they can also hold larger capacity HD if you dont mind opening it up and swapping the old one out.
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