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Yeah thats exactly what Im going to do, try the realiser first with the hd650 and then upgrade. Also a buttkicker, but Im not sure about that.

In the hdmi case, dont worry Im good, my geforce 660 have 7.1 ouput, also the software to decode dts and dd, so, no problem in that regard.

Thank you so much!
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Ok, I understand how this all works and is connected.

I also see there is a dealer in Germany where I could try this system out first to see if I like it because there is a software-only system on this forum that I tried and didn't like at all.


But what I am curious to know about is:


How do people go about taking their in-ear measurements of speaker setups they want to hear.


For example, we have a big theatre that has Dolby Atmos not far from where I live.

Can you simply go in there and reord the sound from a film and do you have to be alone in the room or doesn't it matter if there is sound from other people?

Or do specific test tones have to be recorded.


If I'd buy a Realiser I would like to record the sound of a top-end B&W setup and Sonus Faber setup I know I can have access to and try to find a way to record in the Atmos theatre.


So how does the recording need to be done and how did you guys go about it short from traveling around the globe to the few places that deliver this specific service?

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http://www.smyth-research.com/technology.html   ("The measurements" section already tells everything you asked!!)


...and many reviews around for it which explain these things in quite detail


You need to have Realiser with you when taking measurements and output the test tones from it's RCA outputs for all 2-8 channels. Obviously a huge undertaking in a real theatre (you would need to rent it for few hours, roll 50 meters of cables, find a mixing desk etc..). I don't think many people care for a "real theater sound" anyway, it's gimmicky to me (too much reverb etc). And it sounds funny to your brain when listening to it in a small home.


So unless you have a friend or hifishop locally who lets you use their speakers, you can always rent a recording studio for an hour or two. But you need to learn how to operate and measure properly yourself. Only other alternatives is to go to the handful of places on planet which provide "Realiser services". I think the official German place takes some absurd fee like 800€, but you decide if it's fine for the convenience.

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