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Regarding Stax - I don't own, nor have I tried the realizer. But I have a couple of thoughts..


  1. Very low distortion - we are talking about 0.1-0.3% 20-20kHz for the basic 207
  2. FR without extreme peaks and dips that are hard to equalize, as seen with many dynamics
  3. Treble extending all the way to 20 kHz, which add to spacial cues. 'Stats oftenmost have very impressive high treble extension
  4. Last, and most importantly, the 'stats I have tried (especially the lambdas) sound like speakers next to your ears. Try comparing that to hd800, which by itself tries to emulate a proper soundstage by displacement of the driver. I guess one would (ideally) want 2 uncolored planar wave units right next to the ears with the realizer for optimum results.


Just some thoughts.