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Anyone getting static?

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I posted this in the large thread in the portable amp section but I figure I should post it here too:

I was listening to my iBasso D10 and started to hear a little static, I didn't think much of it but after about 10minutes it had turned into full blown static. It was so bad I could barely hear the music out of one side of my IEMs (Shure SE530s). The static only occurs using the Optical In and the USB, when the AUX is used there is no static. I emailed iBasso and they sent me some steps/questions to try and get back to them, these were my responses:

1, does the optical output jack has dust on it, if so, clear it please.
---I have used compressed air to clear any dust, the D10 is only a week or so old and I keep it very well kept.

2, are you using other optical cable? try another one please.
---I have tried both the cable that came with the D10 and a mini->toslink cable with my Macbook both produce static sounds. I have also tried different headphones.

3,, If you have any other device that has the optical out, pleae try it as well.
---I tried the other device with the other cord with static still the case. I also tried the USB through my Macbook and it also has static now. Only the AUX IN produces no static.

I have also tried different opamp/buffer combos but all eventually start to get filled with static again.
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Sadly it sounds like the DAC is bust
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I just got one recently and there's no static on it. RF interference from a cell phone yes, but no static. Let them know and send it back in. I've read they have excellent customer service. GL
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Is your D10 fully charged?
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Yah it was fully charged, I talked with them and sent it back today. They should send out a replacement tomorrow
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I also had the same issue with static. It was fine for the first hour of operation and then became progressively worse until it was completely unlistenable. I had the same problem with optical and USB connection. The amp alone without the dac sounded fine through the input on the front. I sent iBasso an email and they shipped another unit right away. They were very responsive. I wonder if there are some quality issues with the dac chips. Have my new one completely burned in and love it.
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