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Denon AH-C751 or Jays-Q-Jays (bass or comfort)?

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I'm currently looking for an earphone upgrade and have narrowed it down to the Denon AH-C751's or the Q-Jays. The reviews I've read say that the Denon's have the best bass, BUT are prone to losing the best 'fit' in the ear... The Jay's fit better but are lacking slightly in the Bass department.

I listen to my MP3 player whilst going to work which involves 2 bus journeys and walking in between.. I usually take an earphone out when getting on the bus.. To anyone who has the Denon's... Am I going to find that a: these phones keep loosening in my ear when walking and b: take ages to put back in and get the fit right?

What if I bought the Comply foam buds... Would this help to get a better fit do you think?

For the record, the type of music I listen is broad and includes lots of pop/rock/techno (Paul Oakenfold and the like). My previous earphones were Sony MDREX85LPB (£35 at the time) and I was quite happy with them.. They suffered a terrible death (a trolley whipped by and snagged them, taking them under the wheels... That's all I can bare to say -sniffle-) Sooo, I'm taking this as a sign to upgrade LoL

Thanks for any advice

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Using the tips from those old Sony's you had would make the fit on the Denon's better. I find that they don't fall out easily, though they are fairly microphonic. I think the q-jays would be quite microphonic too.
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Thanks for the 'tip' (hehheh)

That's the first time I've seen microphonic and the Denon's in the same sentence.. Is it very noticeable? I'm very aware that choosing the right IEM's is a personal one and everyone is different but as you know it's not easy to try before you buy...

I'm basically after a high end pair of IEM's right up to the Shure SE530's...But I've heard that these aren't as good as the asking price and they fit over the ear in an awkward way, so I'm not sure about those. But not ruling them out either.

So if anyone can suggest some plugs that would be suited to Pop/Techno I'd appreciate the input

Thanks again
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all iems ive heard have had microphonics, but wearing them over the ears reduces them almost entirely.

i haven't heard the denons, but have q jays and adore them. they sound really great, really detailed and personally, i think they have enough bass. also you can wear the q jays all day without ur ears hurting
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I had exactly the same dilemma and was very close to ordering the Q Jays, however opted out as some said 'you might just find them TOO small for your ears.' My dad then ordered me the Denons for Christmas and I received them today.

So far they have had about 15 hours burn in and they are getting better and better to listen to. The clarity is almost perfect, smooth bass, punchy mids and beautiful highs.

I am listening to one earphone rather than two now and they still sound good. Also I know the Denons aren't as comfortable as the Q Jays (although this always depends on your ears) but I have literally been listening to them for 13 hours today and I haven't had to re-adjust them too much, also as long as there is a good seal and they are not shoved too far into your ear canal then you will forget you are even wearing them.

One last thing, the silicone tips supplied with the Denons aren't great so yes some comply's may be useful, I've heard the Denons and comply's make a wonderful team . I hope this helps you
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I dont know what source you are using, but I used the denon c751s for about 3 months before the treble just completely drove me nuts... Even with burn in, some cd's I had were always to scratchy too listen to. I recently ordered the nuforce ne-7ms on the basis of headphoneaddicts review of them and he was spot on... If the denons ever get too tiresome for you to listen to, the 7ms are a wonderful alternative and are cheaper...
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comply fixes most uncomfy IEMs ^^

the q-jays are very tiny in size...
i had trouble changing tips lol.
yes there is microphonics...
i don't think there is any IEM without microphonics(very little microphonics, is still microphonics )

the bass of q-jays however is... not much?
like the ER4S/P, they don't have the "most bass" but the bass is still nice ^^

q-jays IMO are a little on the bright side...
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I can't comment on the Q-Jays but the fit is okay on the C751 - if you can find a tip that fits. I eventually plumped for the Complys and am generally happy, although I find the size of the headphone means I can't get a perfect a fit as, say, my NE-7Ms which are smaller and fit better.

Plenty of bass on the C751 - even if it does feel a little muddy.
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The q-jays are very comfortable. I have large ear canals but one of the eight sets (!) of tips that came with the jays fit fine and gave a good seal. I've never lost them in my ears nor needed to visit an audiologist to have them removed.

The bass is full and tight, but if you're used to listening to full-sized cans, you may find that they lack the bass extension to take you right to the bottom. My guess is that on a bus, with the rumble of the vehicle transmitting through your body, you'll never notice that anything's missing.
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