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Go-Vibe Vulcan

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Anyone heard anything about this amp? Looks like a contender to the soon to be released iBasso D10.

Uncle Wilson's SuperStore - Go-Vibe Vulcan

Jaben Online Store

$380 is out of my budget, and iBasso have said the D10 will only be slightly more expensive than the D1 (which was $250 when it came out?) ... nice to see more amps like this coming around though.
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I saw a Japanese review and internal pics of Vulcan. It's almost the same as iBasso D1 except teh price.
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It is out already. The pics. This looks more like a competitor to the D1 instead of D10 because D10 is significantly smaller.

Photos courtesy of Darkkopi
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It's so ugly.
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I haven't tried the one posted on the page. But I have tried the "GoVibe Vulcan VB". I beleieve it should be the smae except for the "VB" for variable bass. It is actually a little bigger than my SR71a. But still it is recharcgeable and has all the inputs you can think of for a DAC. The variable bass gives you more optiond for the amp. The one I tried also had a different knob.

In terms of sound it actually packs a punch. I just have to try it again later as the unit I tried was an Unburned in demo unit. =)
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It sure looks interesting and understated which is not a bad thing w/ all the crooks out there.
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I heard the amp and i'll say that the amp section sound quite good. it in the SR71 range. No chance to test out the DAC section. Good thing is this amp is running 4AA battery. But this amp is huge... wider and longer than h140
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I heard it's the best of the Go Vibes!
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how does the vulcan power compare to the vulcan vb? main differences? and how bout that mini?

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I am in the same boat, can't decide between the Vulcan VB, Magnum, Lisa III, PicoSlim, Arrow or an RSA amp. I want the BEST possible bass and that's why I have been leaning towards the VB but I am open to any suggestions. There doesn't seem to be much information about the VB on this forum but I am trying my hardest to find info.
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