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Earphones for sub $75

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Let me get this started by stating what I have right now, and how I listen to my music. When I find a CD I love (shoutouts to Mothership and Planet of Ice), I rip it in Apple Lossless for my iPod and my Macbook Pro. The headphones I own right now are the MDR-V6 that I use when I'm at my apartment and the MDR-ED21 Fontopia's.

One's great for listening to lossless files, the other is sub-par. The only reason I went with the Fontopia's is because of all the earbuds I've tried (only these fontopia's and some SkullCandy Smokin' Buds), they would be very uncomfortable for walking. Reason being that 1) they fell out pretty often and 2) whenever the wire would sway into my body, I would hear an echoing sound (occurring about every second).

I'm looking for some comfortable earbuds that I can walk with (not exercise with, I'll keep the Fontopia's for that) that are sub $75 and are comfortable and won't produce the worst bounce-echo sound. Is this possible for earbuds? My current Fontopia's don't do justice to the effort I put into my music quality, and I would like to get more out of it.

I'm looking for ones that I can walk around with and will have a snug, comfortable fit while they stay in the ear. If it's possible, to not hear footsteps or the cable that's a major plus but I don't think so when wearing in-ear headphones. Also, I'm looking at the Etymotic ER6i's right now, if that does any good. They look like they could fit really well - but if I can get the same sound quality and fit for much cheaper than I'd obviously prefer to do so.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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Microphonics aren't really an issue with either a shirt clip or if you wear the cables over the ear. The Etymotics er6i might be a good choice (w/ the shirt clip), or something like the UE 3 (worn over the ears).
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How is the fit with the Ultimate Ears? Do they deliver the same quality (or better)? They are about the same price on Amazon.
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Most people would say the 6i's beat the SF3s in detail, they're just sonically different so you may prefer the SF3s for certain types of music. The SF3 has replaceable cables.
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I don't know much about them, but maybe try out the Nuforce NE-7Ms. HeadphoneAddict has a very positive review for it, and they are selling for $50 I believe. Not many people have posted their opinions on it though, so it may be a bit of a risk.
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Do the 6i's come with a warranty? I like listening to a different variety of genres, bust mostly pertaining to rock, alternative, and indie.
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Also, if anyone can point out anything with a great fit and a similar sound and a lower price-point that is regularly bought, I will look at any suggestions.
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im going to randomly suggest the klipish custom 1's, bit bass light but a fiio fixes that. not sure what they cost in ur part of the world but if US then i think they still selling them half price there so i would think they with in your budget (assuming US since u didint specify what type of dollars)

reason being i have a pair in my ears right now and really really likeing them

nb: they are only really good if you get a propper seal on them, i had to put some shure olives on them to get that, the things that came with them were total crap
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I'm not looking to buy an extra earbud to get a better seal - and yes I am in the US.

EDIT: Also, if the wind is blowing outside - will I be able to hear the wind through my ear?
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well some people seem to get a seal using the ones that come with it but in my left ear i absolutely could not, right one was okayish but left just wasnt happening.
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Because everyone's ears are shaped differently, comfort and fit can sometimes be trial and error. Microphonics (cable noises) can be adressed by using a shirt clip or wearing the wires over your ears or behind your neck.
Since you like the Sony v6's, you may find that the er6 lacks bass. As well, they are very isolating and I would personally be a little nervous walking outside unable to hear cars honking and people shouting warnings.
In your price range you may like the Audio-Technica CK7, a very good, detailed canalphone that will do justice to lossless files. They are made of titanium and are a little heavier than most canalphones. Because they don't go that deep into the ear you will have to experiment with different tips to get a good seal. They're designed to have the cable worn over the ear.
I haven't heard either, but have read good things about the NuForce NE-7 canalphone and Yuin OK3 earbuds.
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thats an absurdly good price
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Here's an update: I went ahead and bought the Sennheiser PX100's and they sound fantastic, only just a couple of problems. It's not good for what I need it for.

I need something that I can walk to class with and wear a beanie over. So that when I walk to class with earbuds - they won't fall out of my ear. Also, the problem with the PX100's is that I like to listen to music before my class starts but these leak sound like a faucet.

Currently I'm looking at buying the Sennheiser CX300's with some foam tips.

If there are any earphones for less than $60 that won't fall out when I walk with them and have a great fit, I'd be glad to take any recommendation. I'm just looking for that and to get the most out of my lossless files.
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Unfortunately, the ER6i's aren't listed at the Palm store anymore.
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