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$44.00 custom earphones?

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Has anyone ever purchased the EarFuze custom earphones?

EarFuze Custom Earphones Headphones | Easy & Affordable Custom Fit Earphones in 15 Minutes

They look kind of like the denon ah-c351 with a custom mold around them.
They are only $44.00 (u.s.) so someone should buy them just to test them.

They seem like a gimmick for those who don't look for quality.

I'm just curious to hear from the community.
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The mold looks kinda funny
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Originally Posted by Lil' Knight View Post
The mold looks kinda funny
ya and it looks like it is just a mold around an in-ear monitor.
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Originally Posted by thatwunguy View Post
ya and it looks like it is just a mold around an in-ear monitor.
That's because it is. It's just one of those gimmicks (like the one for iPod earbuds a while ago) targeted at the ignorant consumer.
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The ear canal is sealed by commonplace eartips. I wonder if the external (custom molded) earpiece is sufficient to actually improve isolation.
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Pretty sure someone (probably many someones) DIY'd themselves some custom molds with epoxy before. I think there was some blog post on it floating around the internet.
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I've never heard this brand before!!!
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I'm loving how comfortable these look... Whoever designed these is pretty good I'd love to know what kind of material it is.
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If anyone finds a site that sells these kinds of molds, definitely let me know. I would customize them around my X10's; I could see it working
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I found a link:

cre.ations.net - Creation: Create your own noise blocking in-ear headphones

EDIT: wow. perfect.
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Interesting find, toxic888. That guy at cre.ations.net uses some epoxy putty to DIY his ear impressions. This is the same process as with all the DIY impression kits supplied by custom IEM manufacturers. (*) Then, he works the impressions to fit them with transducers and DIY a functional pair of IEMs.

(*) A difference is that a proper DIY impression kit includes some cotton stoppers to prevent the epoxy from going too far into the ears. Such a kit is not necessarily expensive: Earplug Superstore sells one for $15.

However, this is a bit off-topic. This thread is not about true custom IEMs, but about stock IEMs (with stock eartips) extended by custom earpieces. It is much easier (and safer) to make, but does it actually improve the isolation?

Anyway, there is a guy on eBay who sells the same idea (stock IEMs + epoxy putty) for $23.
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