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Has anyone compared the JDS Labs CMOY AMP vs BIOSCIENCEGEEK AMP... Does the bass boost make that much of a difference... does is still sound clean?
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The bass boost on the JDS makes a big difference. Whether you want it on or not depends on source, HP and preference, so I can't second guess that. I haven't heard the biosciencegeek amp, sorry.
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I own two Cmoys from BSG. He makes a very good product.
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thread necrophilia lol. any opinions? what about the JDS vs the pa2v2?
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not in the same league dude.
JDS if you know what to tweak, can sound very nice.
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exactly what should one tweak for the JDS to sound nice? I have one on the way (1st headphone amp) after lurking quite a bit here I bought a AD-700 recently and am currently using them on my Touch Pro 2. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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well for starters, lower the gain, change the wima caps and rolling the opamp to opa2227.

I'm still tweaking mine after 3 weeks of building it lol.
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Has anyone used both the JDS Labs AND the Biosciencegeek cMoy's?  I'm looking to possibly pick up my first cMoy soon, and I'm wondering if the Bass Boost in the JDS Labs is worth the extra $15, or if it just muddies up the sound.

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Haven't used the BSG CMoy and won't make any assumptions about its sound quality versus the JDS Labs CMoy but I can say that the Bass Boost function is very clean and doesn't muddy up the sound. If anything, it might lower the treble response a tad based on what I've read but, unless the difference is there and I just haven't trained my ears to hear it, I can't discern a difference in the treble performance either way.

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Am using the BSG Cmoy as I write, under the following configuration:


Etymotic ER-4P > S Cable (75 Ohm impedance resistor for a total of 100 Ohms) > BSG Cmoy (powered by DC, not battery) > SendStation Line Out > iPod Nano 4th Gen.


The amp is stupendously tremendously fantastically awesome.  



Nano Alone:  


Sound is decent, as the Nano uses a "decent" op amp chip, I am told by a Head-Fier who works at Apple, and of course the Etymotics are no slouch.  However, the sound can be a little dead in comparison, of course, to running my Nano through a real amp.  (I use the Glow Audio One tube amp).  The Etymotics are awesome, but they only do what the source gives them, and in this case straight from the Nano they are a little 2-dimensional: great sound, nice panning, but little depth.



Nano w/ BSG Cmoy:  


Sound is totally transformed.  I don't use the words carelessly: it sounds like a different setup entirely.  Clarity is totally restored and musical detail springs to life; in comparison, the Nano alone sounds totally muddled.  Increased treble response.  Bass deepens in the likes that I've never heard my ER-4 actually do, and I've owned them 6 years.  Best of all, the sound becomes utterly 3D, with incredible lifelike depth and extremely broad soundstage.  


I never cease to be impressed with what the Etymotic ER-4 is truly capable of when given the right source material, but the BSG Cmoy stretches it to new limits I've never imagined.





I ran the BSG with my AKG K701, both stock and with a 235 resistance cable (290 total), and a friend's Beyerdynamic DT880 600-ohm version, and did not much like the sound.  I'm a tube guy, so that may be it.  But, with the ER-4 IEM as I said, it was heaven.  Especially for travel, as I'm not lugging my 15-pound partly glass Glow with me on trips!

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Listen to Koulzelna!


The BSG Cmoy is downright excellent.  Apparently the guy making it knows what he's doing - considering he's a pro in the field.  I've considered getting the JDS version with the aforementioned bass boost, but am unsure if his amp maxes out at a 300ohm load.  However, the BSG solid state is the finest I've ever put my ears to, world-class sound if you favor solid state.

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I own a bass boost Cmoy from  HPA labs and couldn't be happier with it, when I bought it I turned the bass boost setting on and haven't touched it since. It doesn't distort the sound whatsoever. 

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No one has compared the BSG against JDS amps yet? 

C'mon I was also looking to find that out.

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Originally Posted by willmax View Post

No one has compared the BSG against JDS amps yet? 

C'mon I was also looking to find that out.

Oh, I have.  The JDS Labs one takes the cake.  It seems to be a touch more dynamic in the midrange and the highs have a slightly more defined edge than the BSG.  The bass is exquisite on both, tight and resolving.  The JDS labs can output more power as well with a 17v AC adapter compared to the 15v max on the BSG.  Besides the very useful bass boost on the JDS Labs, they are very similar sounding and you can't really go wrong with either one.  However, I do find that 100ohm+ cans seem to do excellent when it comes to power since these Cmoy's can output some serious voltage - which is what high-impedance cans need.


They seem to struggle and cause distortion early with lower impedance phones.  It's quite irritating to say the least.


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anyone tried the ad823 op-amp in the  jds labs cmoy?

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